One persons view of a Tonsillectomy ... and why it might just hurt .. a lot.


Ok .. well that was what they looked like 2 days before they were ripped out .. looking a little rough, and I thought not too unhealthy at this point as I'd been on antibiotics for 5 days previously.


It was quite difficult taking these pics, looking at the LCD screen on the camera in a mirror, and opening wide was not easy either now.


I'm staggered at the area / volume they have removed. As of 19/05/06 as I'm posting these up, I'm still having problems breathing out of my nose, when laying on my back.  It's not as frightening as it was when I first experienced it happening, but it did wake me up kast night. Anyway .. my GP is a star as always. When I saw him on Monday this week he doubled my night time pain relief, which is when it is worse, specially when your throat dries out because your sleeping on your back, breathing through your mouth..

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