Julie Vickery.

Well were do start with a girl like Julie. Well I was introduced to Julie by Linda Martin sometime in the Autumn of 2002. Since our introduction we have chatted lots on Yahoo messenger. It turns out she used to work in the next village from here a couple of years ago but has now quit the rat race to do web design and development in the quiet countryside of Dorset. 

So what's she like ....

Like all the girl's here she's really friendly and very chatty. As the pictures below show she's also has quite a feminine appearance, with a great sense of what looks good on her and what doesn't. She's got a great smile with a nice girlie toothy smile ... I'm so jealous of that ...
She's the same height as me so any difference you see between us in joint pics and if you see us in the flesh is simply down to our heels !! One thing about Julie is her wicked sense of humour, often to quick and subtle for me ... it suddenly hits me several lines of chat latter ..... <giggle> ..

Julie doesn't have much of a Yahoo profile though the pic is very nice it doesn't do her justice, but she's part of a commercial enterprise called LetsGoGirls where a lot of pictures of her (and a few of me) can be found. There is information about LetsGoGirls and the rest of their crew in the my where to go section.

Julie is the founder of at least one Yahoo group called Gendweb which I belong to too.

We first met in the flesh on 4th January 2003.  LetsGoGirls were entertaining a client in London showing her the sight's .. Philbeach Hotel, Trans-Mission and Stormes. One night in the preceding week we were chatting about what we were doing around new years eve, and I was telling her that I was a bit nervous about going out on my own for the first time as my wife was unable to join me on that occasion but I really wanted to go out. So Julie invited me to join their group as a friend and we met on the M3 at 60 mph just after the M25 junction, aren't mobile phones useful !!!! So having spotted their car I pull in behind them about 9.00 pm and, cutting a long story short, got home to bed at 5.05 am. At this point it's interesting to do a London trip with Julie as a guide, believe me you can really see all the sight's following Julie, cause she loves taking the long way round if there is one, if there isn't she'll invent one .... <giggle> ..


> This was our first pic together, taken at the Jimmy's Bar in the Philbeach Hotel at Earl's Court. This picture was given to me by Julie from the LetsGoGirls Collection, the picture was taken by the gorgeous Jennie of LGG.

The artistic framing effects are care of Julie herself who is responsible for their site.


< This was the night of our first meeting, it was 3.00 am at Stormes and my feet were killing me ..

Picture courtesy of Andrea at Stormes.


> This picture was also given to me by Julie from the
LetsGoGirls Collection. I suspect it was captured from Julie's web cam which is the most awful quality I've seen to date, and Julie loves it for that alone because she needs no other disguise to hide behind. My friend Rachelle will be glad to hear she's moved off bottom of the web cam list.

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