Sarah Hélène's pictures.

This is a marker page at the moment ..... but here's a few of me with some of my friends .... Click a small one to get a larger one ....

andreaHillaire & Sarah

Andrea Hillaire and I, at the now defunct " Stormes at Reading" 10/05/04

at home after Surrey swans meeting 30/05/04

My profile pictures at a lot of sites, taken at home after a "Surrey Swans" meeting 30/05/04

Linda Martin & Sarah at Ascot Ladies Day 17/06/04

Linda Martin and I at Royal Ascot Ladies Day 2004 , just how more public can you get ?

Cassie and I at Tootsies opening night 16/10/04

Sarah with Cassandra Taylor, at Tootsies opening night 16/10/04

At home after Tootsies 16/10/04 .. just a long shot  ... LOL

At home after Tootsies, 2.00am 17/10/04 .. it's just a long shot taken by favourite door frame .... LOL 

Come back soon to see a proper set of pics and some sort of order ......

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