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News Flash .. April 2009. Such has been the reaction here in Chonburi from other girls who have tried my sound track to dynamic dilation, and the staff getting a "live" demonstartion or two .. the clinic is going to start giving the soundtrack to SRS patients. It's accepted by those who have seen it in use ( clinic staff ) and the patients that tried it, it's both relaxing ( don't blame me if it luls you to sleep as one claimed ) and effective at maintaining the rythme you need for succesful dynamic dilation. I have given the clinic all that is needed, in copyable disks, a disk image  .iso  file for easier bulk production and even disk labels I crafted in Nero.

April 2008.

Having struggled to keep dilation times sensible, using my skills as a sound engineer, I decided to get creative and make some audio tracks that would be relaxing to me, and bring in the essence of timings suggested by Sophie at Dr Suporn's clinic when she does the "advanced dilation technique" lecture on dynamic dilation.

The essence of the method and timings are :

1: 10 - 15 seconds of pressure to increase / maintain depth ..
2: 2 seconds pause ..
3: 10 - 15 seconds of rotation "stirring the pot" at one revolution per 3 seconds ..
4: 2 seconds pause ..

.. then start again and repeat till 15 minutes "quality time" "at depth" has been achieved with the largest dialator one is comfortable / capable of using .

You really need to relax doing this, listening to the sounds of nature I find relaxing .. wind, rain, bird song and sounds you hear which are not necessarily man made. As a sound engineer I appreciate what the ear likes and doesn't find tiring .. which means samples used need to be wide bandwidth and dynamic.

I plan to experiment with this, I've worked out the quirks of the audio editor I'm using, "Audacity", so I'll spend some time finding wide bandwidth WAV files to use. I could create all sorts within the template I've created .. if somebody finds the sounds of motorbikes and associated sounds relaxing .. anything is possible as long as the samples can be made to fit .. samples need to have 17 - 19 seconds of audio to allow "cross fades", "stings or stabs" need to be about 1 second.

With straight audio CD's, it would be possible to have three 25 minute tracks on each disk. Using 320Kbs MP3's, a lot more can be fitted, but older portable CD players won't play them .. my spare bedroom £30 DVD player will play MP3 CD's. With that, it's possible to have a lot more tracks, say 30 minutes of track for getting to depth ( if needed ), then one track timed to 15 minutes for "quality time measurement" .. got depth .. hit next on the remote .. concentrate  to the end .. DING !! .. sorted.

Here is my first sample, it's 68 seconds worth, and I've deliberately only put it here in 128Kbs format to save my site's bandwidth .. believe me 320Kbs sounds so much better, better still is proper 16 bit wav CD quality files. The samples I used here are not necessarily the best, and unfortunately the wind chimes sound gated .. but this is my first attempt .. I can roll them out now, given the samples, very easily. Have you got some pet relaxing noises you think I could use !!??!! .. then let me know .. e-mail them to me !.

Using the essence list I've used:

1: Waves splashing onto a beach
2: 2 Seagull cries
3: Sounds like rain but is supposed to be wind in a pine forest with a wind chime at 3 second intervals !!
4: 2 Seagull cries

By the way, all sounds used here are from a sound library site and are all royalty free, if you want me to do something for you, you must supply samples that are royalty free too.

Click here to download or listen to my first 68 second sample .. dilation_s.mp3.

27th March 2008.

I found some better wind chime sounds, so I've done a quick edit this morning with the new  chimes .. sounds pretty good now though I say it myself.

Click here to download or listen to my improved 68 second sample .. dilation_s_nc.mp3.

2nd April 2008.

I've created a track that I call "Dr Suporn's beach house pagoda". This is how I remember laying in the shade of the lower of his 2 pagoda's next to the beach. I really did keep dosing off listening to the sea and wind through the trees, only to be woken up by what I was told was a "Blue Bird" bird of paradise. I've used two chirps of one of these I found as 2 second pause markers. I've replaced the rain / waterfall/ pine forest wind sound with something more akin to wind through trees, and the wind chimes I've replaced by a more distant call of an "Emporer" bird of paradise. Getting the level of that one right was a challenge .. so it was loud enough to break through but not loud enough to break the peace as the "Blue Bird" does and did .. LOL. I also remember a dog barking in the back ground while laying there, so I added a distant dog to the wind sound at the begining of that band. The sea noises are louder than reality of course, but that is part of making them high light the "increasing pressure" part of dynamic dilation.

09.45 2nd April .. As yet I haven't road tested this with dilators .. but I have layed and listened to a long  loop .. hey .. I really could be there.

Click here to download or listen to my 69 second sample .. beachhouse_s_nc_69s.mp3

I'll try and tweak it somemore sometime, maybe add a few more random smaller bird tweats all over it .. it takes time. Any comments ?

The third one I'm trying to do is create an "English country beach" ..  sea sounds still for the preassure part, but with a country farm meadow for the "stiring the pot" .. complete with all the sounds you might expect .. bees, birds, farm animal noises and maybe distant church bells .. arghhhh .. relaxation ..  

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