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Updated 17th April 2012.

Standard "T-girl" ( Transgender and Transsexual ) disclaimer.

If you find the "T-girl" subject offensive, can't handle it, too young to understand, against your State or Country's Laws or you are under 18 - perhaps you should leave here now. Sorry but you won't find any nudity, porn, etc., here, so if that is what you are seeking you may as well go and search somewhere else. I hope you enjoy your visit here and find it interesting and maybe educational. You may also find information here useful if you are starting down this route of discovering your "true self".

OK .. your questioning "what am I ?", or if this is third party interest you might be looking for information to help you understand what a friend or family member is going through. This page will have links to all sorts of information pages on other sites. I could fill this section of my site with loads of information gleaned from other places, but credit where credit is due, to those who have produced good documentation and reference material.

PS .. If you suddenly find any of these links don't work .. please let me know.

Dictionary of terms.

Wikipedia is an amazing free online encyclopaedia ..



Transwoman, Trans-woman.

Gender Dysphoria.

Support and information sites.

The Harry Benjamin Syndrome organisation .. one of many ..

The Benjamin's Syndrome Information Site.

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH, formerly known as the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association, Inc. (HBIGDA))

Gires.  Karen and I are supporting members of Gires and it's aims .. please join and donate.

Mind. Though MIND are a mental health organisation, this link is to a very good info leaflet, which may help sufferers or there families.

Porterbrook Clinic, Sheffield.  Porterbrook Clinic has some very good leaflets, look in section G, to help you and your friends.

Sites belonging to M > F Transsexuals.

These sites have a lot of information and personal stories of peoples struggle with Gender Dyshoria.

My Diary ..
My own story of  going through transition from "apparent" male to female, all the stress, ups, down's and boring day to day life along the way.

Jessica Bussert.
Jessica is a good friend of mine, who I dearly miss. Her wife Sharon became a close friend of Karen too. Jessica hosts her own website, but her server isn't always up.

Anna-Jayne Metcalfe.
Anna was a confidant of mine at meetings in Reading a few years ago, she helped me make sense of my feelings. She's also a post op of Dr Suporn's skills .. Anna talks straight and honestly in my opinion.

Alison Whelan. Alison is a "relatively" new girl on the block as I've added this link in April08. She is pretty down to earth and makes some good authoritive posts to groups we both belong to. Nice thing too is that her wife is standing by her too.
April 09 .. Alison is now a post op with Dr Suporn, and I met her in Thailand. Her diary, with a section written by her wife, is a very useful read too.

Lynn Conway. Lynn is a trail blazer for us TS folks. She's a highly intellegent and respected TS who transitioned in the 1960's when it was really hard to do .. go see her site .. it's a serious read.

Tina Livingstone. Tina is a councillor on Trans matters and issues of some standing .. you might learn from her site.

"Gesine"   Is a German girl with a German language site, that I don't understand, but she speaks good  English and was good enought to write to me asking if she could use some of my Thailand pictures, I've agreed and this is the link to her site, possibly  useful if your native German.

Links to surgeons who can help you, and their hospitals.

These sites are to help you make a choice .. mine was Dr Suporn, I'll include links here to surgeons who friends of mine have been to. To many it will not be a surprise that all of these are in Thailand.

Dr Suporn.

Dr Chettawut ( came second when I made my final choice ).

Dr Sanguan

Caring for a Transgendered person.

This link is to a NHS help page .. some useful guidance even if your not giving what might be a traditional view of "care"