Sarah's Chonburi Pictures 30th January 2008.

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Well it's been an uneventful couple of days .. today was spent in the clinic having a lecture from Sophie, the "administrator" for Dr Suporn's clinic, along with Rosalyn and Audrey on the advanced dilation technique known as "Dynamic" .. it lasted about 5 hours.  With my head still feeling really bad  from the insecticide  episode, I spent most of the afternoon session laid out on a settee listening to it .. honestly I didn't fall asleep.

Well the flowers are just 2 days old, already they are flagging despite me soaking the oasis that they where rammed into everyday .. clearly they were not intended to last .. sob, sob.

The little card is the welcome note all patients get from the clinic when you arrive in your hotel room, in it it says your name and gives the date and time for your consultation with Dr Suporn.


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