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This is the index for some special pages around my first trip to Chonburi for my SRS surgery with Dr Suporn. I'll still be doing the usual diary stuff on a daily basis if I can, this section  is to show friends some of the thing's I see and places I am staying.

I flew from Heathrow at 22.00 hrs. Friday 11th January, Eva Air BR68, returning to the UK assuming all is cleared by Dr Suporn on Saturday 16th February 19.10 hrs.. Eva Air BR67.

Please remember that Thailand is +7 hours a head of GMT ... at this time of year ... Thailand doesn't do "day light saving" .. they have plenty .. LOL.

I'll be in the Mercure Hotel ( name changed to Chonburi Inter Hotel Jan 09 ) in Chonburi 12th - 14th January and 23rd January till my return on the 16th February.

Chon Inter Hotel
934, Sukhumvit Road,
Bangplasoi, Muang,
Chonburi 20000

Tel.: + (66) 0 38 283 111

I'll be in the Aikchol Hospital in Chonburi under Dr Suporn's care for the 15th – 22nd January.

The 15th January is my admission, pre op tests and preparation treatment day. I would hope to be “available” on-line that evening.

Aikchol Hospital.
68/3 Prayasutja Road
Muang District
  (it's in Thai !!!)

Dr Suporn works out of his own clinic a fair amount of time, I'll be doing the pre op consultation there on the 14th January, I believe.

Suporn Clinic
938 Sukhumvit Road
Muang District
Chonburi, 20000

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  January 2008 : Contacting Sarah ..

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Chon Buri day 1 12th January 2008

A fair flight, but what a steamy reception !!

Chon Buri day 2 13th January 2008

Little girl lost day .. I'm scared .. 

Chon Buri day 3 14th January 2008

I have to brave it outside .. my first meeting with Dr Suporn.

Chon Buri day 4 15th January 2008

A lonely ride in the clinic minibus for my admission day at the Aikchol Hospital

Chon Buri day 5 16th January 2008

I'm excited but scared .. this is my SRS operation day, I've waited ages for this. 

Chon Buri day 6 17th January 2008

I'm now officially "post op" .. Karen sends me some flowers. 

Chon Buri day 7 18th January 2008

I'm recovering .. 

Chon Buri day 8 19th January 2008

I'm recovering .. and got really bad back ache.

Chon Buri day 9 20th January 2008

Sorry no pictures today ..

Chon Buri day 10 21st January 2008

Sorry no pictures today .. but what a day.

Chon Buri day 11 22nd January 2008

These are the some of the hospital "Angels" .. and when you're back is killing you .. those two guys are too .. the bed in 805 has claimed many more victims since I was there..

Chon Buri day 12 23rd January 2008

My last day in hospital today .. warning there is one slightly graphic picture on this page, though you can't see anything "rude" ..

Chon Buri day 13 24th January 2008

Sorry no pictures today .. a visit to the clinic to try and sort a dia. problem I had last night.

Chon Buri day 14 25th January 2008

Gosh what a day .. started off with me hitching a lift back to the hospital so see some friends .. ended up with the hotel trying to kill me with insecticide .. it's in the diary.

Chon Buri day 15 26th January 2008

It's the day after the night of the insecticide poisoning .. on doctor's (not Dr Suporn) I'm on room rest .. so it's room service for the next two days.

Chon Buri day 16 27th January 2008

Room service ? .. Heinz ketchup ?

Chon Buri day 17 28th January 2008

This floral offering was all I got as an apology from the hotel for coming close to killing me .. if the doctors original words are to be believed .. she wouldn't lie to me surely .. hmmmm

Chon Buri day 18 29th January 2008

Sorry no pictures today .. a return trip to see the doctor had me smelling something very unpleasant .. but you'll need to read the diary to find out what and why.

Chon Buri day 19 30th January 2008

The floral offering is wilting already .. today was 5 hours plus in the clinic listening to a lecture on "dynamic dilation" .. hmmmm.

Chon Buri day 20 31st January 2008

My first outing .. the Chinese Temple at Band Saen, Monkey mountain and Dr Suporn's beech house. ( Updated 14/04/08 )

Chon Buri day 21 1st February 2008

My second outing .. to the BIG Buddha overlooking Chon Buri .. and I do mean big.

Chon Buri day 22 2nd February 2008

Sorry no pictures today ..

Chon Buri day 23 3rd February 2008

Sorry no pictures today ..

Chon Buri day 24 4th February 2008

Sorry no pictures today ..

Chon Buri day 25 5th February 2008

I'm off to Bangkok sight seeing today .. I hope.

Chon Buri day 26 6th February 2008

Sorry no pictures today ..

Chon Buri day 27 7th February 2008

  A possibly short lived view of the back of Dr Suporn's clinic building from a hotel room that looks out in the right direction.

Chon Buri day 28 8th February 2008

I had my first of two trips to Pattaya International Hospital today, and had a treat for my dessert in the evening .. Chocolate !!!

Chon Buri day 29 9th February 2008

Back to Pattaya International Hospital early today for blood tests.

Chon Buri day 30 10th February 2008

It's Sunday, a quiet day in the hotel, here's some views of and out of the 7th floor deluxe room floor's coffee area .. did I mention Ronald MacDonald !!. 

Chon Buri day 31 11th February 2008

Yeah .. my friend Christine arrived in Thailand today .. and I went along with the clinic reception staff to the airport .. read the diary entry for this day too .. I felt so good .. for a while.

Chon Buri day 32 12th February 2008

Sorry no pictures today ..

Chon Buri day 33 13th February 2008

Chon Buri day 34 14th February 2008

Sorry no pictures today ..

Chon Buri day 35 15th February 2008

Chon Buri day 36 16th February 2008

The day I fly home to the love of my life .. Karen.