Sarah's Chon Buri Pictures 5th February 2008.

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I wasn't really fit enough for this but given the opportunity to see some sight's in Bangkok, I just had to give it a try. I need to say immediately, that this is is 1/6th of what I took, and these pictures cannot represent the amazing colours I've seen here this day .. you need to go see it for yourself .. one day I hope Karen will return with me and see this for herself.


One of the first views of central Bangkok .. including the rare sight of a railway line !!


On the way in to the Royal Palace. With the recent death of one of the Princesses who was lying in state here, a strict dress code was being enforced on Thais, as visitors we had a little more flexibility, but clothes had to be respectable.


The colour in this series of pictures doesn't do justice to what the eye saw .. it was stunning.






These floor to ceiling pictures went all around a sort of lean to that created a courtyard around the temple in the shot above, the detail was incredible, and the use of gold leaf .. extravagant .. but this is a royal palace.


Elephants .. but only statues.


A guard at the building where the King and Queen really live.


Time for a ride on a "Long Tail" boat .. a James Bond film was made around the canals here featuring a long tail boat chase, we actually had a close call on a junction and nearly rammed another boat .. oop's.


I love the boats and water, I'll have my own yacht in a couple of years. On the boats I've sailed on over the years I'm famous for hanging over the side and getting bow wave shots .. couldn't resist this one then.


This brings a whole new meaning to feeding the fish ..


A feeding frenzy took place .. was really nice being this close to nature.


Talking of wild life .. this was beautiful, sunning itself on somebody's door step.




This was just amazing .. pictures can't do it justice .. the enormous golden reclining Buddha.


Now do you see how big this is .. look closely in the doorway lower left hand corner at the head end ..  people are standing there !!


I was here .. this is late in the afternoon .. I'm about to drop .. and you can see where I've caught the sun .. it was overcast a lot of the day ..


This was a final shot while we waited for the clinics big van to collect us .. the detail caught my eye along with the two sun created star bursts on a couple of highlights.

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