Sarah's Chonburi Pictures 19th January 2008.

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OK .. it's now three days post-op .. I'm feeling quite good actually, though so many people said day three is a bit of a bad one normally and I'd be very emotional .. but I feel OK .. just bored .. my friends keep me from going mad with Yahoo and Skype.


OK .. is the boredom showing .. I took about 15 photo's to get this half good one .. if I was able to get out of bed .. you'd hear me coming because I would rattle. Three times a day after meals a pot like this would arrive with 9 or ten pills in it. A rough run down is an antibiotic ( the big white one ), and anti inflammatory ( the smaller yellow ), a blood thinner cause my blood was prone to clot too fast.  An anti nausea  tablet,  various pain killers to compliment the morphine ..  the others I don't know.

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