Sarah's Chonburi Pictures, day 2, 20th March 2009.

Well first eight pictures on this page are actually from yesterday evening .. when I arrived at the hotel I wasn't allowed to book in initially, I was walked straight round to the clinic to see Dr Suporn who was actually waiting for me. I had my pre op chat and check up there and then and we discussed my surgeries .. and I was given my welcome gift and hospital / self care book.

imgp1_10.jpg (5259  )

From last night, this is my hospital book detailing my surgeries, and the flower garland I was given. Flowers in Thailand seem to be a strange gift .. they really don't last very long .. however, I dried mine after a few days and I managed to dry mine and get it home in one piece.

imgp2_10.jpg ( 5260 )

Welcome to my palace, room 706 is the biggest room on this floor at the end of the corridor .. it's one of the largest hotel rooms I've ever seen or been in on by my relatively meagre means.

imgp3_10.jpg ( 5261 )

As always, first things first, unpack .. no .. make sure the wireless broadband is working and you can keep in contact with all your friends .. LOL. Well my dilation kit box is out on the side as I had to do the business last night.

imgp4_10.jpg ( 5262  )

It's a long walk down to the bathroom ...

imgp5_10.jpg ( 5264  )

Fly on the ceiling view of the room .. looks even bigger to them..

imgp6_10.jpg ( 5265 )

The bathroom is the same size as 701 & 702 from last year, in fact this room is directly opposite 701.

imgp7_10.jpg ( 5266 )

That fixed shower head is a real pain post op SRS .. few rooms have flexible hose type shower heads, though 701 did, a real help cleansing down below, though of course for the first couple of weeks post op you only cleanse "down there" with bottled water..

imgp8_10.jpg ( 5267 )

Back through the bathroom door, out of sight on the right is the room door .. that wardrobe looks big .. but it didn't seem that way, it needs a couple of extra shelves. Reception will supply extra clothes hangers if you ask.

imgp9_10.jpg ( 5270 )

Despite soaking it last night, my garland is already starting to go brown .. such a shame .. spot the warning sign behind the tap .. do not drink the tap water, or brush your teeth with it .. !!.

imgp10_10.jpg ( 5274 )

Welcome to Thailand .. it's hissing down out there on and off .. this is one view from these back rooms of the hotel, last year I had the forecourt and multi storey car park. So top tip for staying on the 7th floor, if offered 701 - 705 ask for another .. like I did !!! There is a lovely temple down there .. there's a better picture in days to come.

imgp11_10.jpg ( 5273  )

Aaaaaargh .. it's the view towards the clinic and hospital in the very distance. In fact at this time you can just see the clinic building through that right hand corner of the block of luxury flats being built ..  but not for long I suspect. That crane really did come as close as this picture indicates ..

imgp12_10.jpg ( 5276 )

When the rain eased off I wandered out, it was hot and very humid as everything "steamed". I went to the bridge across the main road near the clinic .. this is the view towards Pattaya and the hospital ( up the road and turn right at the second set of lights .. ).

imgp13_10.jpg (5277 )

From the same bridge, this is the view towards Bangkok, the clinic is the pristine pinkish coloured building to the right of the roof mounted "Dunlop" advertising board. Compared to 99% of the other buildings in Chon Buri, the clinic stands out for being clean and cared for.

imgp14_10.jpg (5281 )

Back in the hotel, late in the afternoon .. the sun is starting to glisten on the sea on the horizon.

imgp15_10.jpg ( 5282 )

Steamy Chon Buri .. that mist is the earlier rain vaporising in the heat .. at these times the humidity gets so high you might actually struggle till you get acclimatised..

More to come for sure ..

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