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This is the index for some special pages around my second trip to Chonburi for my Breast Augmentation, Upper Lip Lift and revisions to my SRS / GRS surgery done last year. I'll still be doing the usual diary stuff on a daily basis if I can, this section  is to show friends some of the thing's I see and places I am staying this time around.

I flew from Heathrow at 21.30 hrs. Wednesday 18th March 2009, Eva Air BR68, returning to the UK assuming all is cleared by Dr Suporn on Wednesday 22nd April 2009 @ 19.15 hrs.. Eva Air BR67.

Please remember that Thailand is +7 hours a head of GMT ... at this time of year ... Thailand doesn't do "day light saving" .. they have plenty .. LOL , so when I fly back it'll only be 6 hours ahead.

I'll be in the Chonburi Inter Hotel  in Chonburi 19th - 24th March and 27th March till my return home on the 11th April. That was until things went wrong with my breast augmentation .. stay extended to 22nd April.

Chon Inter Hotel
934, Sukhumvit Road,
Bangplasoi, Muang,
Chonburi 20000

Tel.: + (66) 0 38 283 111

I'll be in the Aikchol Hospital in Chonburi under Dr Suporn's care for the 24th – 28th March.

The 24th March is my admission, pre op tests and operation day. I'm being admitted early in the morning after an early light breakfast .. Dr Suporn is operating on me sometime after 2pm.

Aikchol Hospital.
68/3 Prayasutja Road
Muang District
  (it's in Thai !!!)

Dr Suporn works out of his own clinic a fair amount of time, I'll be doing the pre op consultation there on the 23rd March, I believe.

Suporn Clinic
938 Sukhumvit Road
Muang District
Chonburi, 20000

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Chon Buri day 1, 19th March 2009

I've started .. sort of in fact this should really start on March 18th .. after kissing Karen goodbye at Heathrow T3.

Chon Buri day 2, 20th March 2009

 OK .. welcome to Thailand. This is my first day here and the weather !!! .. when it rains here it really doesn't mess around .. makes English down pours look like a light spring shower .. enormous rain drops. 

Chon Buri day 3, 21st March 2009

It's Saturday, a day out with a really friendly Dutch girl, she becomes a really good friend by the end of my stay.

Chon Buri day 4, 22nd March 2009

An early visit to the hospital, and the first of many massages in the shop just down from the clinic.

Chon Buri day 5, 23rd March 2009

Frankie was admitted to hospital today .. and I felt really odd, nerves about tomorrow I think .. this was the day I started to work on the page introducing the clinic staff, and recording their voices . 

Chon Buri day 6, 24th March 2009

My admission and surgery day .. a very nervous time for sure, if you want to see the layout of the hospital rooms, this is the page to look at. 

Chon Buri day 7, 25th March 2009

The road crash victim .. the day after my surgery . .the top lip doesn't look as bad as that after a few days. 

Chon Buri day 8, 26th March 2009

More with it today .. just .. I started a "project" to collect pictures of the nurses who are willing and recording them saying their names .. the completed page is accessible directly from the main diary index page.

Chon Buri day 9, 27th March 2009


Chon Buri day 10, 28th March 2009

Returns to hotel ??..

Chon Buri day 11, 29th March 2009


Chon Buri day 12, 30th March 2009


Chon Buri day 13, 31st March 2009


Chon Buri day 14, 1st April 2009


Chon Buri day 15, 2nd April 2009


Chon Buri day 16, 3rd April 2009


Chon Buri day 17, 4th April 2009


Chon Buri day 18, 5th April 2009


Chon Buri day 19, 6th April 2009


Chon Buri day 20, 7th April 2009


Chon Buri day 21, 8th April 2009


Chon Buri day 22, 9th April 2009


Chon Buri day 23, 10th April 2009


Chon Buri day 24, 11th April 2009

I fly home today with luck .. no such luck !!

Chon Buri day 25, 12th April 2009


Chon Buri day 26, 13th April 2009

Happy Songkran.

Chon Buri day 27, 14th April 2009


Chon Buri day 28, 15th April 2009


Chon Buri day 29, 16th April 2009


Chon Buri day 30, 17th April 2009


Chon Buri day 31, 18th April 2009


Chon Buri day 32, 19th April 2009


Chon Buri day 33, 20th April 2009


Chon Buri day 34, 21st April 2009


Chon Buri day 35, 22nd April 2009

I will finally fly home today .. protests permitting.