Sarah's Chonburi Pictures, Day 6, 24th March 2009.

Ok, one very nervous bunny today .. it's my admission to hospital this morning, I was allowed an early breakfast before 07.00 then nothing. My immediate thoughts this morning was with Frankie, who was being operated on by Dr Suporn this morning. My main aim till I'm "taken down" is to take my mind of what's coming .. a bit difficult really .. so.

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I've had my breakfast in the room .. a yoghurt with some honey .. I woke up feeling sick from nerves, now I feel worse. Taking my mind off things, it's 06.35 in the morning,   First picture of the day, I've decided to try and dry my "welcome" garland / bracelet. It's going OK .. hopefully at home I can get it deep framed and preserved in some way.

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09.35 .. in the hotel reception .. Alison, Christine and young Zoe have come to see me off, Wi is my escort to the hospital. Do I look pale and tired .. yes .. but that grimace of a smile shows well the reason for one of my surgeries today .. the upper lip lift .. good bye to my thin top lip.

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This is the check in area near the side entrance ( round the corner to the left of the more distant pillar ) near the big round main desk on the right of the picture. There are four nurses stations here where they weigh you, take your temperature and blood pressure before your admitted any further. That trolley by the near pillar has my bags on it waiting to be wheeled up to my room. Between the pillars in the distance is the hospital pharmacy.

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"Home" for the next 4 nights .. room 902 .. these rooms are almost a waste of space, the are huge compared to what I've seen in NHS hospitals. I was really happy to be allocated an even number room .. why?.

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The patients eye view from my pillow .. visible on the right side of the balcony is the sea .. some lovely sun sets to come for sure, and a far better view than I had last year in an odd numbered room .. 805. Dr Suporn moved up a floor last summer after I'd been through the place from the 8th to the 9th.

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Clear to everyone .. my medicine allergies hanging over my bed.

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The hospital supplied wash kit, for you to keep, everything is included .. even some slippers if you've got small feet.

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Why did I cut off the chrome numbers .. DOH .. but this is my room, yes I've doctored the picture to remove my surname.

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Ok .. it's after 13.00 .. I've scrubbed in hibbiscrub all over including my poor hair .. and I've dilated. Not sure why they've started giving pyjama bottoms rather than the skirt things like last year .. they are going to have to get them off me for the revision .. << grimace >>. Just after I took this a nurse walks in with a tablet in a pot, I'm to take it with 20 ml of water .. that's not a lot .. "something to make you calm". Before I took it I took a few photo's off my balcony.

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If you draw the short straw off an odd numbered room, this will be the view more or less from your bed, as I had last year.

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Get an even numbered room .. this is more like the view .. OK .. you don't see quite so much, I could see the little bay on the left from my pillow.

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Fisherman's stilted houses in the bay, as seen from my balcony .. I was told that some the people who live out there often never come to land .. they are born there, live and die there .. what a hard life.

imgp13_10.jpg ( 5583 )imgp14_10.jpg ( 5584 )

Two views back into my room from the balcony windows .. that clock in the right hand one opposite the bed is about 30 minutes fast. The fridge is full of water and some very strange yoghurts .. made with vegetables !!!. The rooms are massive, and so spotlessly clean .. stunningly so when you see what my father had to put up with before he died in hospital 5 months ago.

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Three pictures of my bathroom .. it's big too .. note to the left of the toilet .. the little white hose is a hand held shower to clean yourself with .. known in the Uk often as "muslim showers" .. I've had one fitted at home, if your going to have SRS then I suggest you one fitted too before you come out for your surgery.

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The last picture of the day .. I took this then took my tablet and went to see Emma in room 803, it was her last full day here following her SRS.

More to come for sure ..

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