Sarah's Chonburi Pictures, Day 8, 26th March 2009.

Two days after my surgery .. feeling a bit more with it ..

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A visit from Minda, the hospital administrator and a couple of nurses I caught at more lucid times, Fa and Yuy. When the nurses inject the pain killer straight into the needle in the back of your hand .. the brain just goes blank and numb for ages .. well it did mine that way. But it certainly stops the pain!!.

Sadly, because following AM / BA you have to stay fairly up right, I developed bed sores which the nurses didn't find, and I didn't feel till after my discharge back to the hotel when the intravenous pain killers wore off .. when Dr Suporn found them next week he was clearly concerned and annoyed that this was allowed to happen me here.

I've got a page of all the nurses I was able to photograph over the 4 nights 5 days I was in the hospital and record them saying there names .. click here to go straight to that page.

More to come for sure ..

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