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Day 1709 - Week 245 - Thursday 13th August 2009.

Day 1709. Thursday 13th August 2009.

This diary is currently under review .. it will return .. just check back now and then .. should be by 01/09/10.

Day 1718. Saturday 22nd August 2009.

Memory Joggers ...

I slept quite well to be honest .. well the wine and Tia Maria helped a lot.

07.30 .. My alarm goes off .. wakes me up but I drop off again.

07.40 .. Lucky I hit snooze and not stop .. my alarm reminds me and I get up.

I pack some carrier bags with my wash stuff and a change of clothes, put on my clothes from last night and head for the showers ashore.

07.53 .. In Gosport Marina they have some pretty flash showers now .. the mens part I’m not sure how many there are, having not been in that side since it’s been built, but the ladies side has just 2 showers, the unisex area has many more, but I’m not “risking” that area. So I have to wait in a queue of 2 for a shower to become available .. for over 30 minutes, I’m bursting for the loo too, but daren’t nip in a toilet for fear of losing my shower position .. DOH...

08.25 .. Finally in a shower .. yes .. there’s a toilet too .. gosh I needed that. The shower is a full monty with hair ..

08.55 .. Ok I’m out of the shower, but I need to dry my hair a little. There is a hair dryer, but the rear filter is clogged and the airflow is terrible .. so I try the high power hand drier .. it works a lot better but I’m worried about my hair being sucked back in .. back to the hair dryer.

09.10 .. I give up .. my hair is pretty damp still, I walk back to our pontoon, which is some walk.

It’s not the Saturday morning weigh in .. being in Gosport on Bob’s boat stops this routine.

09.20 .. Back on board .. Tony and Bob have started on breakfast already .. so I catch up with them .. a bowl of rice crispies, glass of orange juice and 2 slices of toast with marmalade.

Post breakfast I do the washing up ..

As we prepare the boat for departure the skies look terrible .. slowly the heavy cloud seems to skim by us.

10.59 .. We slip the mooring in Gosport .. and head out through Portsmouth harbour entrance into the Solent and head west towards Cowes. It’s lovely and the cloud thins as we head along the Solent till we are in near constant sun. I slap some factor 50 on.

12.00 .. ish .. I nervously ask Bob and tony if they have any objections to me showing more flesh .. Bob says he doesn’t mind .. good enough for me. I nip down stairs and put on my halter neck purple bikini and purple bustier cover up on which is calf length and very floaty. I return to the fly bridge and settle in the sun, slapping on more factor 50 on the newly exposed area’s .. gosh this feels good .. << smiles >>.

12.58 .. We arrive on the south Folly Inn pontoon .. the tide is just about to turn. After securing the boat we settle down for the rest of the day .. Bob makes lunch .. it’s boat fodder so it’s two rounds of sandwiches, one ham and one chicken pate .. some crisps, a can of Carlesberg cold from the fridge and some grapes ..

Post lunch .. Bob disappears down below and I ask Tony if he’d use my camera to take a couple of pictures .. one with the cover up on .. the other with out .. though I say it myself .. for a 53 year old I don’t look too bad. << SMILES >>.

I decide to test my 3G here, so break out the laptop. Due to yesterdays power cut hassles, my diary isn’t synchronised .. so I down load what’s on my website and copy chunks into my WordPerfect copy.

The two pictures Tony took I quickly copy off the camera, reduce them as always by 20% and 10 % to go into the diary .. I edit the down loaded page quickly and push it back to my site complete with pictures .. gosh I am pretty pleased with those .. << grins >>..


A Skype video chat on 3G with Gillian in Louisville .. she’s tickled by the views as I pan my camera around .. I notice my 3G is now clicking over the 0.1 % markers a bit quicker .. << grimace >>. She also pays me a compliment over my looks .. she’s too kind. My battery is getting low so I decide to end the call to preserve it and shut down.

16.20 .. Bob serves afternoon tea .. with a hunk of home made chocolate cake .. lovely.

17.20 .. I go down below, my back is tingling .. I look in a mirror .. gosh it’s seriously red wherte I didn’t get nay cream on earlier .. this going to hurt later for sure .. << GRIMACE >> .. mia culpa.

17.25 .. I reboot the PC and start to do some diary .. for today, and throw some notes in for yesterday. I didn’t realise I hadn’t done an upload since Monday.

18.36 .. The battery is holding up well .. but I need to go and get ready to go to the Folley Inn in the water taxi to eat at 19.00 .. I’ll put some eye’s on I think, and dress a little more appropriately.

17.40 .. The bar is declared open, Tony serves some wine.

18.40 .. After a glass of wine, or two .. I can see time is getting on .. I need to change and put some eyes on ..

I put on my favourite Asda bra and my purple top .. gosh this just too revealing for Bob & Tony, so I whip it off and put a white camisole on underneath .. that I can adjust to reveal just the right amount .. << grins >>.

19.05 .. We are standing on the end of the “Newport” pontoon waiting for the water taxi .. a chap on a yacht is looking down and staring at me .. << blushes >>

19.10 .. We are ashore and in “The Folley Inn”. It’s quiet, to be honest the pontoons are quiet for this time of the year too.

We start to queue at the food ordering counter and look at menu’s .. in the end I decide on a sirloin steak .. Tony goes to get a couple of beers fro him and Bob, I’m going to have more wine. I’m despatched by Bob to talk to “the boss man” and get a table.

The “boss man” is about 6' 4" tall and towers over me, relatively. I approach him to ask for a table, he recognises me I’m sure, he’s seen me many times either side of transition. He smiles as I ask for a table but replies saying they are quite busy as he talks to my breasts rather than my face .. this is the first time this has happened so blatantly .. when he realises I’ve twigged, he goes bright red and shows me to a table .. table 39.

19.25 .. The food has been ordered and we settle at our table, the next table has the chap and two women off the boat that is tied up to ours .. a small power boat. Bob exchanges a few pleasantries with them, I’m at the wrong end of the table.

The food is ok .. not as amazing as in the past .. but I go for a dessert and get a “trio of desserts” .. with some very nice ice cream.

21.05 .. Food consumed we head back to the boat early. I must admit I’d like to have hung around for the live music, which is only just warming up. Back on board, it’s more wine, cheese and biscuits followed by Tia Maria coffee .. lovely.

23.10 .. Bob wants to call it a night .. well I won’t complain after last night, but this is quite early for a Saturday night on the boat.

Tony gently rubs some after sun lotion on my back that Bob has found .. gosh that feels lovely ..

23.50 .. I’m finally ready for bed, but laying down is nearly impossible, I have to tip myself towards my front to remove any pressure off my burnt back .. nightie night.

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