Sarah's Transition Diary .. weeks 289 - 292


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July 14th 2010 ..

Sorry folks .. I've suspended diary updates for the time being. But do check back from time to time .. when it comes it'll be a big read !!!

To let you know I was told I would be made redundant on 29th June .. 15 years to the day that I joined the company. The way things have gone in the last couple of weeks I think the legal advice I was given a couple of months or so ago, which I ignored was probably the best thing I should have done. Roll on October 1st when I'm actually supposed to be made redundant .. unemployment would be far better for my health .. which people keep telling me is the most important thing. Some folk who know me personally think I seem a lot happier already !!!

Day 2017 - Week 289 - Thursday
17th June 2010.

To come LOL ..

Day 2024 - Week 290 - Thursday 24th June 2010.

To come LOL ..

Day 2031 - Week 291 - Thursday 1st July 2010.

To come LOL ..

Day 2038 - Week 292 - Thursday 8th July 2010.

To come LOL ..

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