Sarah's Transition Diary .. weeks 309 - 312


.... is for those who might want to contact me about my diary.

Day 2157 - Week 309 - Thursday 4th November 2010.

Day 2157. Thursday 4th November 2010.

No notes today .. sorry ..

Day 2158. Friday 5th November 2010.

Memory Joggers ...

11.32 .. Karen calls, she’s just passed We have to get a move on ..

More to come ...

Day 2159. Saturday 6th November  2010.

Memory Joggers ...

It’s the Saturday morning weigh in .. 14st 8 3/4 lb ...

More to come ...

Day 2160. Sunday 7th November 2010.

Memory Joggers ...

13.44 .. I head for the boat in Gosport ..

15.04 .. I pull up by the public slipway, which is directly opposite Bob’s boat .. I recognise the faces that are climbing on board .. I take some pictures ..

15.12 .. I’m in the harbour masters office of Gosport Marina .. I’m a little later than planned, I have to wait to see Jonathon ..

Jonathon gives me a list of available births for a 10.5 metre boat .. 4 in all F47, I08, P18 and G03

I wander down to see the berths .. Carrying my flowers with me.

I hide on P pontoon till Bob’s friends and family leave .. I don’t want to mingle with them .. This is my private moment .. I take a load of pictures in the rapidly failing light .. From the end of “P” pontoon .. Riobamba is just 30 feet away on the end of “O” pontoon.

16.20 .. ish .. “The Prof” on an adjacent boat spot me laying my flowers on the boat .. And I wander across to chat. The Prof is deeply upset .. He only found out about Bob’s passing. Only 20 feet from them .. 30 minutes ago ..

We chat about Bob and my long term involvement with the boats ..

The Prof will look out for a boat called “Riobamba” again after Christmas .. Two of what I would call favourite berths are just a stone throw away from him F47 and P18 .. It’ll be nice to stay friendly with them. 

16.42 .. I call Karen as I leave the marina ..

18.02 .. I am home ..

More to come ...                                   

Day 2161. Monday 8th November 2010.

Memory Joggers ...

20.23 .. Karen and I arrive at “The Wyvern” pub, a few hundred yards from the late Bob’s house. Ailsa and Virginia are waiting for us ..

22.20 .. Ish .. We leave the pub, I drive around to the back where Ailsa and Virginia are parked, for the transfer of “Riobamba 5"’s log books to my care so I can record some of the entries for my RYA log books.

More to come ...       

Day 2162. Tuesday 9th November 2010.

No notes today .. sorry ..

Day 2163. Wednesday 10th November 2010.

Memory Joggers ...

22.25 .. ish .. Water leak ..

23.50 .. Ish Omar arrives ..

01.25 .. “Omar” departs with £120 of our cash ..

02.05 .. I finally get into bed ..

More to come ...

Day 2164 - Week 310 - Thursday 11th November 2010.

Day 2164. Thursday 11th November 2010.

Memory Joggers ...

06.15 .. The alarm goes off ..

07.25 .. Phone Three valleys water .. 

17.10 .. I finally get in to work ..

17.45 .. I leave work ..

More to come ...

Day 2165. Friday 12th November 2010.

Memory Joggers ...

06.15 .. The alarm goes off ..

08.38 .. I’m in the car heading for the hospital .. the traffic isn’t good at all ..

09.05 .. I’m in the hospital car park .. should be in A&E at this time ..

09.11 .. I’m booked in, in A&E .. it looks very busy. So the wait begins .. after a while I’m getting bored .. so out with my HTC Touch Pro and log in to the e-mail at work and into Facebook.

09.47 .. ish .. I’m called through to “minor injuries” and guided straight into a cubicle rather than their waiting area.

As I enter the doctor starts a little light ribbing of my method on crutches and my current apparent instability .. I must say I find them very difficult.

Though the doctor who saw me 12 days ago is there, I’m seen by another. They still think the problem is a stress fracture in my foot, after reviewing the x-rays again. The doctor is concerned about the colour of my toes, but says I shouldn’t worry too much ..

Well he wants me to try an “Air boot” for the next ten days then come back for a review, at which point they might try and do a scan in some form. He says with the boot I can put weight on my leg but should still use crutches for stability.

So I’m sent down to the plaster room to be fitted with this thing. There’s a young trainee in the department, the senior woman supervises as this chap tries to fit the boot to my leg .. he’s a bit rough down at the foot end and manages to extract a few yelps from me before the woman takes over. The medium size is border line for my foot, but the woman suggests the large size would be much bigger and probably loose on my leg which won’t help.

She fits the medium size on my leg over a gauze dressing which I can replace with a sock when  I’m used to it .. in the mean time I need to be able to uncover my toes and make sure they are staying warm .. to test circulation.

I get a run down on the does and don’ts .. what to watch for. I should keep it tensioned to be taught but not tight enough to restrict blood flow. It’s not that heavy but it is quite a bulk. Luckily my flared jeans pull down over it easily .. I know my others won’t. When I stand and try a few steps it’s clear I have a problem .. my shoes are 1/8" heal .. as in flat. I need a thicker shoe to balance me out .. a trainer is suggested.

10.43 .. I leave on my crutches as it’s a long trip .. but using the booted foot for some support really helps .. though the rocker rounded sole is an experience to get used too speciallt with my now short right leg. .. I book my appointment for the 22nd as I head into the cold.

10.50 .. ish .. I’m back out in my car .. I head for home to get another shoe for my right foot.

11.20 .. After sorting myself out I head for work .. via a petrol stop in Egham .. where special offer V-Power is 5p off a litre today. Walking on the forecourt makes me realise I need something higher than my trainer.

12.18 .. I arrive at work ..

More to come ...

Day 2166. Saturday 13th November  2010.

Memory Joggers ...

07.00 .. The alarm goes off .. it was Karen’s voice that woke me ..

07.25 .. A cup of tea, some ginger nuts and a Voltarol ..

07.28 .. I need a pit stop .. so I hobble into the bathroom to do that then struggle downstairs to do the Saturday morning weigh in .. 13st 8 ½ lb ...

07.38 .. Back in bed .. I drink my tea, eat a biscuit or two, to take a Voltarol with. 

07.48 ..Up and at it .. time for a quicky shower routine, my hair will do today.

08.16 .. Back to the bed room .. I get dressed and struggle into my air boot thing .. I think my original nick name for it yesterday “Denver boot” ( the original nick name for wheel clamps ) is very appropriate..

09.26 .. We arrive at my mum’s .. Karen decides to come in too, something I think she might regret one day having made her stand since the infamous letter to her from mother ..

I quickly empty her freezer into our cold box and put things down to catch the water that will follow. To be honest, there isn’t that much ice in there  and could have done a few more months.

09.43 .. We drive out of my mum’s car park and head to collect Claire .. the weather is nicer today than it’s been for a few days .. the sun feels quite warm ..

10.06 .. We join the M1 .. it’s moving well .. and stays that way ..

10.52 .. We arrive at North Hampton services .. no sign of Claire yet .. my left foot / leg is aching like heck .. I can’t get it into a comfortable position in this seat .. I made a poor choice of skirt this morning .. I can’t get me knees far enough apart to tuck that leg comfortably like I could in jeans yesterday.. Karen heads for a comfort break ..

11.05 .. Karen returns, I’m desperate for the loo too .. so I plod across the car park and sort myself .. it’s nice that most people see you coming in the Denver boot and give you a wide berth .. one woman did her best to try and walk through me .. << sighs >>.

11.16 .. Back in the car .. I’ve got in and just closed the door when .. 

11.17 .. Claire arrives .. the transfer is done and we head for home .. the traffic flows ok for most of it, only once did we stop when the indicator signs said “Pedestrians on Carriageway” .. 

12.09 .. We join the M25 .. we join the usual traffic jam too .. Karen threads herself out into the contraflow lane .. we know it’s a risk and usually don’t .. but this stretch of road is just awful in the two other lanes. Today it’s not brill in the contra flow .. soo much rubber necking going on.

12.22 .. Out of the contraflow .. should be a straight forward run to home .. I’m getting hungry and need to stretch my leg out ..

More to come ...

Day 2167. Sunday 14th November 2010.

Memory Joggers ...

08.20 .. Up and at it ..

I have a chat with Lori on Facebook chat .. at one point she says ..

A little cool, but been blue skies the last few days.
Wanted you to know that you are doing a wonderful job with GRS in Thailand
Keep it up and going!
Very proud of you!

I explain it's the membership that makes the group and the rest of the management team, I only take credit for starting it a year ago Friday ..

11.27 .. I need to go and shower ..

14.05 .. We are on the road rather early for Northampton Services .. in “Sparkle” for a change, as she hasn’t been driven for over 2 weeks .. a petrol stop in Egham is required ..

14.40 .. Just before M25 J18, I look up from my laptop to see a large white van vere out of the lane we are in just as an articulated lorry is passing .. the truck hits the anchors and sounds it’s horn .. the van swerves back into lane .. that was close .. Karen then comments it’s the second time the van has done it ..

15.23 .. Dawn, who is in Chonburi following her SRS with Dr Suporn pops up on Skype for a type chat .. she’s feeling a lot better now and has returned back to her HRT .. “At least I'm back on the E now so my thoughts are clearing” she said.

15.40 .. We arrive at Northampton services .. Karen goes off to find some goodies for us to nibble and drink ..

15.50 .. ish .. Karen returns with a carrier bag full of bits and pieces ..

15.52 .. Dawn says goodbye .. she and Anne need a drink ..

16.01 .. The homes car arrives .. we do the transfer .. Claire’s favourite minder is on the team today and she spots my foot .. explanation is demanded.

16.05 .. I’m freezing behind the homes car as we chat about the weekend, Derby has had no rain at all this weekend .. I return to our car for warmth.

16.08 .. Karen returns and we finally head for home .. we go about 15 miles and run into the drizzly rain again ..

17.04 .. We join a M25 doing it’s worst .. Karen takes a gamble on using the contraflow again .. though that is stop start in places .. overall it’s a better bet than the other two lanes ..

Once free of the road works and the traffic flow improves Mrs Schumacker makes an appearance .. LOL.

17.28 .. Martha pops up for a chat on Yahoo ..

17.38 .. We leave the M25 ..

17.45 ..  As we drop down into Virginia Waters I say byeeee to Martha .. this where  BT 3G gets iffy till we are home .. 

17.52 .. We are home.

18.08 .. Back to talking to Martha from the new W7 PC .. I do love this PC .. Stunningly fast opening up applications .. 

19.06 .. Dinner is served .. A roasted chicken fillet with roast baby carrots, roast nocki and a ball of stuffing .. I just love winter dinners .. << grins >>. Dessert is half of a fresh Mango .. Verging on too fresh .. But I love Mango.

19.45 .. Back to the computer ..

20.08 .. Julie pops up for a quick chat on Yahoo ..

20.18 .. Michelle pops up on Yahoo .. It’s been a while ..

20.48 .. Michelle says goodnight ..

20.55 .. Martha is heading for bed .. I should do too .. But I’m multi tasking here .. Playing with my website pages, uploading 6 weeks of diary and creating extra blank templates to see me through to the new year ..

I think I might have discovered a bug in the W7

23.25 .. I finally head to bed ..

23.55 .. I climb into bed .. Nightie night.

More to come ...

Day 2168. Monday 15th November 2010.

Memory Joggers ...

It was another disturbed night with the foot .. Any pressure on top of it is agony ..

06.10 .. The alarm goes off ..

07.59 .. I head out to the drive to scrape the car .. Gosh it’s cold .. Violets outside temperature gauge says -2c .. clearly it rained before it froze ..

08.05 .. I’m finally on the road ..

Monday morning traffic .. I make things worse by turning east on the M40 when my heart said west .. the east route is flatter and more “main roads” than the other .. Monday morning isn’t a good day ..

08.54 .. I pull up outside the office .. A few steps and I’m in .. Only Dan in IT is here before me ..

17.42 .. I finally drive away ..

18.32 .. I’m home .. Gosh I am soo cold ..

19.05 .. Dinner is served .. French onion soup .. A cold chicken fillet with salad .. Dessert is a glass of bio yoghurt and a very ripe pear sliced into it .. lovely.

20.20 .. I drop an old 30gb drive into my old PC to do a Linux install on it .. Ubuntu 10.10 ..

Sadly the old drive is not very good and the install fails ..

22.00 .. I head to bed .. I give up .. I need to get a decent hard drive to install this Linux on ..
More to come ...

Day 2169. Tuesday 16th November 2010.

No notes today .. sorry ...

Day 2170. Wednesday 17th November 2010.

No notes today .. sorry ...

Day 2171 - Week 311 - Thursday 18th November 2010.

Day 2171. Thursday 18th November 2010.

No notes today .. sorry ...

Day 2172. Friday 19th November 2010.

Memory Joggers ...

12.17 .. I’m in the car heading for home ..

It’s a smooth trip home, pushing Violet on, apart from the last little bit which cost me a few minutes through Sunningdale ..

12.50 .. I am home ..

New broadband ..

01.25 .. I finally climb into bed ..

More to come ...

Day 2173. Saturday 20th November  2010.

Memory Joggers ...

12.17 .. I wake with a start ..

12.22 .. Karen arrives with a cup of tea ..

12.35 .. Up and at it .. It’s the Saturday morning weigh in .. 14st 7 3/4 lb ...

13.53 .. I get a call from Nanda on Skype, she has her friend Hans with her, she’s only called me really to demonstrate Skype to Hans .. I’m in my nighty .. But hey ho .. Hans was really nice when she introduced me to him a few months ago .. << smiles >>.

14.20 .. Time to shower ..

16.05 .. I head for my mums .. via Sunningdale to collect my long awaited hat ..

17.05 .. I arrive at my mums ..

18.10 .. I head for home ..phew ..

18.55 .. I order the food .. “15 minutes please Sarah” .. LOL.

19.10 .. I’m in the Chinese to collect the food .. 15 minutes .. hmmm

21.44 .. I do a speed test on the new broadband ..

FAQ: Test1 comprises of two tests

1. Best Effort Test: -provides background information.

Download Speed = 35102 Kbps; 38717 Kbps = Max Achievable Speed

 Download speed achieved during the test was - 35102 Kbps
 For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 12000-38717 Kbps .
 Additional Information:  IP Profile for your line is -38717 Kbps

2. Upstream Test: -provides background information.

Upload Speed = 8080 Kbps
10000 Kbps = Max Achievable Speed

Upload speed achieved during the test was - 8080 Kbps

 Additional Information: Upstream Rate IP profile on your line is - 10000 Kbps

23.10 .. I decide to call it a night and head for bed ..

More to come ...

Day 2174. Sunday 21st November 2010.

No notes today .. sorry ...                                   

Day 2175. Monday 22nd November 2010.

Memory Joggers ...

21.40 .. I leave my last XP machine reloading the image to it’s normal XP hard drive .. it’ll be a long time till it’s finished .. I head for bed ..

21.43 .. Though Karen came up over an hour ago .. It appears she’s only just gone in the bathroom ..

22.35 .. I finally climb into bed, I’m granted a cuddle .. Nightie night ..

More to come ...

Day 2176. Tuesday 23rd November 2010.

Memory Joggers ...

06.02 .. I’m awake .. And wait for the alarm ..

06.10 .. The alarm goes off ..

06.20 .. Up and at it .. I nip downstairs to turn the heating up .. The computer I left has completed the re image .. so I reboot it .. yes it works .. so I leave to do 90+ updates that needs to be done to bring the 15 month old image up to date ..

06.32 .. I’m in bathroom .. and I need a full monty ..

08.10 .. I head for work leaving the old PC still doing it’s thing .. the traffic isn’t good.

09.06 .. I arrive at work ..

Jon gives Phil and I a run down on the daily / weekly / monthly tests that we need to do the weeks we are on call .. Jon wants us to alternate to get into the swing of doing it for the next few weeks .. Phil’s going to do the rest of this week ..

13.05 .. ish .. time for lunch .. it’s a PABS affair .. pear,apple, banana & satsuma .. not necessarily in that order ..

16.45 .. There’s a big discussion between a group of us on how to get our News team to work better and deliver better .. technology may not necessarily be the answer ..

17.47 .. I finally pull away ..

18.32 .. I’m in Waitrose in Sunningdale, with a list of three things and the comment from Karen “to get anything else you can think of” .. three bags of shopping get carried to the car ..

19.04 .. I’m home ..

19.20 .. Dinner part one is served .. spicy parsnip soup .. lovely .. part two is a plate of stuffed pasta sans source .. just a drizzle of truffle infused olive oil and a little black pepper .. dessert was the last of the natural yoghurt pot with a little oat granola and some Thai honey.

23.24 .. I head for bed ..

00.02 .. Finally in bed .. I’ve definitely started a cold .. << sighs >>.

More to come ...

Day 2177. Wednesday 24th November 2010.

Memory Joggers ...

I didn’t sleep very well for sure .. the cough mixture was 18 months out of date, so I binned it, and we are all but out of Strepsils ..

06.10 .. The alarm ..

06.20 .. Up and at it ..

08.08 .. I head for the car .. It’s well frozen ..

08.58 .. I’m in work ..

James gives me some education on how the OS switcher works in the studio and how the clean feed switch works .. It’s different to the old place ..

12.46 .. Lunch .. PABS again .. gosh I wish I had some riper pears .. 

13.01 .. I head off in the car to Chalfont St Peters to find a chemist .. I find a vantage one, Benyllin, 2 different types of Strepsils and another pair of cheap 1.5x reading glasses ..

13.32 .. I’m back in the office ..

Finally got all the documentation together for our Comrex Access unit I’ve been setting up and configuring .. the idiot guide needs to be idiot proof .. need to try it on a journalist now ..

Send an e-mail to an old acquaintance .. there’s another job right up his street in my department ..

17.38 .. I head for home ..

21.50 .. Julie pops up for a chat on Yahoo ..   

21.54 .. Bt tests ..

Download Speed = 34131 Kbps , 38717 Kbps  Max Achievable Speed

 Download speed achieved during the test was - 34131 Kbps
 For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 12000-38717 Kbps .
 Additional Information:  IP Profile for your line is -38717 Kbps

2. Upstream Test: -provides background information.

Upload Speed = 8076 Kbps, 10000 Kbps Max Achievable Speed

Upload speed achieved during the test was - 8076 Kbps
 Additional Information:  Upstream Rate IP profile on your line is - 10000 Kbps

22.22 .. I say goodnight to Julie .. Time to dose up and try to sleep.

More to come ...

Day 2178 - Week 312 - Thursday 25th November 2010.

Day 2178. Thursday 25th November 2010.

Memory Joggers ...

06.10 .. the alarm

18.18 .. I finally get to leave work ..

More to come ...

Day 2179. Friday 26th November 2010.

Memory Joggers ...

08.59 .. I’m in work

I have an email to tell me that Vortex Transverse server is working now .. well it is and it isn’t .. our portable unit can now see it and our CTA rack mounted unit .. but it won’t let it connect ..

13.01 .. I get to eat my lunch .. PABS ..

14.20 .. Finally got the Google Nexus One / Comrex Arc application working .. By combining two lots of duff info from the manual and a phone call to the UK agents .. add some Sarah logic filters and PING .. 

15.00 .. Ish .. Quentin, our upper most boss, starts the social gathering that is “Beer Friday”, the last Friday of the month stand around drink in our office, where all the technical side gather if poss .. guess about 20 of us in total today .. he’s supplied the beer, J2O’s and a large supply of mince pies as this is the last one before Christmas .. end up feeling guilty after the third mince pie .. << sighs  >>.

16.00 .. ish .. back to some work .. I start a write up on the Nexus One phone and its Arc “app”.. to help the journos use it.

16.55 .. My immediate boss Jon arrives in our office and says we can go ..

17.02 .. I’m heading for the gate and home .. The M25 is a serious breeze for a Friday night .. thanks Jon .. << smiles >>.

17.31 .. I’m in Egham, and go to fill the car up at my usual garage .. The sign outside “Unleaded 119.9" hides the truth about V-Power, which is now a whopping 129.9 a litre. Sadly I didn’t spot the price, which should have been 126.9 a litre till I’d started filling the car .. DOH .. I shan’t be going back for a while.

17.38 .. I’m heading for home, after the traffic lights at Englefield Green the A30 comes to a halt, so along with others I do a “Uey” and head down through Wentworth and Chobham.

17.52 .. I’m home ..

18.30 .. Dinner part 1 .. spicy soup and some bread .. part 2 .. pasta with chicken, mushrooms .. dessert .. ice cream with .................. another mince pie, just one, I’d normally have two for dessert .. << GUILTY >>.

20.20 .. ish Karen makes a cup of tea ..

More to come ...

Day 2180. Saturday 27th November  2010.

Memory Joggers ...

It’s the Saturday morning weigh in .. 14st 8lb ...

10.55 .. I head for “Screw Fix” in Slough to get some bits to do some wiring here at home ..

12.32 .. “Honey I’m home” ..

16.05 .. I head for my mums, via Waitrose to do some shopping for us.

17.05 .. I’m at my mums .. as always it’s her needs, real and imagined, that dominate conversation .. I do some chores for her ..

18.10 .. I’ve had enough and head for home, staggering out to the car caring three bags of junk and rubbish .. one has to go home to Karen, the others go in the bins outside.

18.25 .. I’m home ..

19.25 .. I order a chinese and go and collect it ..

20.40 .. I’m back at the PC, watching TV too ..

23.00 .. ish .. I hook up the digital output of my new PC and try playing a CGI that a colleague of mine at work put a link to on his Facebook page .. last night through my PC speaker system that isn’t bad, it was good .. but through my hi-fi it is just awesome .. ..   

More to come ...

 Day 2181. Sunday 28th November 2010.

Memory Joggers ...

07.30 .. I wake up and take a drink .. I step out of bed to look out of the window .. no snow, just a seriously deep frost .. 

10.25 .. Karen returns to bed with cups of tea .. mine is soon gone and I snuggle up to her ..

Well with Claire not here, I should be doing the jobs I need to do .. but cuddling up is a far better idea ..

11.50 .. Up and at it .. well I’m feeling guilty about things not done ..

12.38 .. I head for the bathroom to shower .. so where’s the snow .. it’s a beautiful day out there in North Surrey ..

13.15 .. I’m back down stairs ..

19.25 .. I head off for Dawn’s place, she returned from Chonburi yesterday,  to drop her an audio CD of my dilation timing track and lend her my special “doughnut” cushion .. it’s much more comfy than the version the Suporn clinic gave me, and the “horse shoe” one that they have given Dawn. I think the clinic needs to do a proper review of their one size fits all cushion .. cause clearly it doesn’t.

20.20 .. I’ve driven up and down’s dawn road, I can’t find there house in the dark. I ring the home number Dawn gave me, goes to answer phone, I call Dawn’s mobile, it goes to voice mail .. I try the home phone again .. to answer phone. I try Dawn’s mobile again .. phew Anne answers. I turn my car around and find Anne in my headlights .. I follow her to their home.

20.45 .. ish .. I head for home ..

Jane decides to take me another way home .. she does that sometimes ..

21.38 .. I’m home ..

A cup of tea and a slice of Stollen ..

A few nights ago my beloved “Windlesham Beer Festival 2002" 10oz beer mug got broken, I’ve only used it for night time water for years .. I try Googling to find some .. I want one, not 4, 12 or 36 .. maybe I should go talk to my local land lady and see if she’ll sell me one.

23.00 .. I head off to bed ..

More to come ...                                   

Day 2182. Monday 29th November 2010.

Memory Joggers ...

06.10 .. The alarm goes off ..

08.10 .. I’m on the road ..

08.58 .. I’m in work .. for a Monday, the traffic was good ..  

Monday evening, Karen has gone out .. so home alone with a French "cup-a-soup", mushroom, spiced up with some chopped garlic .. a weight watchers ready meal chicken curry .. and a couple of mince pies and ice cream .. maybe a cup of tea and an early night .. << smiles >>.

23.40 .. I head for bed ..

More to come ...       

Day 2183. Tuesday 30th November 2010.

Memory Joggers ...

06.10 .. The alarm ..

09.10 .. ish .. I’m in work ..

I may have over done it with the garlic in my mushroom soup last night .. Karen says I stink .. <<sighs >> .. I'll demolish a pack of Polo's in the car on the way in to see if I can improve things ..

12.20 .. we hear the sounds of an ice cream van outside .. we are not wrong. The organisation had hired an ice cream van for the summer for charity fund raising events, and now it's going back .. so
it's free ice creams for everyone till it's empty .. or 2.00pm which ever comes first .. nothing like a "99" on... a day like this .. hey .. it didn't melt !!! << post lunch, now thinking of another >>.

The car has a full load for tomorrow .. shovel, 3 days clothes & drugs, emergency food, sleeping bag, hooped tent for use in office, sailing "oilies", extra body warmer (20 tog) and sailing thermal jacket,
purple wellies, shovel, winter motor cycle gloves .. just need to find a woolly / thermal hat .. yes I am slightly... mad !! .. but then you knew that .. ;-) ..

22.24 .. I see Lucinda on line . .so pop her a hello on Yahoo ..

22.30 .. Just as I was looking for Kirsti’s tab to send her a message . .she pops up ..

22.54 .. It’s a good night from Lucinda ..

23.07 .. I say good night to Kirsti .. intending to go to bed, but ..

23.10 .. I see Martha on line on Yahoo .. and pop her a message too .. we chat for quite a while ..

23.45 .. I head to bed ..

More to come ...

Day 2184. Wednesday 1st December 2010.

Memory Joggers ...

06.10 .. The alarm ..

07.55 .. I do a quick BT speed test on my broadband speed ..

 Download speed achieved during the test was - 35426 Kbps
 For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 12000-38717 Kbps .
 Additional Information  IP Profile for your line is -38717 Kbps

Upload speed achieved during the test was - 8103 Kbps
 Additional Information  Upstream Rate IP profile on your line is - 10000 Kbps

Hmmm .. disappointed with the down load speed !!!

08.15 .. I’m on the road, where’s the snow ?!?

The first 8 - 9 miles to Egham is hell .. the M3 “southbound from the M25 is shut, and with everything else .. most M3 traffic from both directions are trying to use the A30 .. as a result all the adjoining roads are completely stuffed too ..

09.14 .. I arrive outside the office ..

10.00 .. ish .. I start my daily routine checks ..

11.00 .. ish .. the toes of my left foot are throbbing . .I take my air boot off and massage my calf and toes .. it might have been a tad tight and restricted the blood flow ..

12.20 .. Everybody has gone for lunch when the phones start to go mad ..

13.15 .. ish .. Some of the others are back .. so now I can finish my lunch .. PABS ..

17.38 .. I’m in the car heading for home ..

18.25 .. I’m home ..

18.32 .. Dawn pops up on Yahoo for a chat ..

18.34 .. Dinner part 1 .. Spicy chicken soup ..

18.40 .. Back to the PC to chat with Dawn ..

18.50 .. The rest of dinner is ready .. well the main course, a microwaved Weight Watchers Thai sweat and sour chicken dish .. completely different to any Thai dish I’ve had .. followed by dessert .. ½ a box of Chilean cherries from Waitrose ..

I’ve just realised I nibbled my way through quite a few apricots today too .. oo er .. must have had 7 or 8 portions of fruit today .. << grimace >>.

19.17 .. Back to the PC and catch up with Dawn ..

I boot my old PC from 2000 - 2005 era .. last booted about 6 months ago .. do the updates and start copying the contents of the three drives to my NAS server .. considering the hassles I’ve had with my 2006 - 2010 PC with dying hard drives, it’s nice to see the 4 Western Digital drives that are ten years old appear to be faultless .. 3 x 30gb drives and one 10gb with win98se on it ..

23.55 .. I head north ..

More to come ...

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