Sarah's Transition Diary .. weeks 361 - 364


.... is for those who might want to contact me about my diary.

Day 2521 - Week 361 - Thursday 3rd November 2011.

Day 2521. Thursday 3rd November 2011.

Memory Joggers ...

06.10 .. The alarm ..

More to come ...

Day 2522. Friday 4th November 2011.

Memory Joggers ...

I slept really well ..

06.10 .. The alarm ..

09.06 .. I’m in the office ..

A visit into Studio 2 finds DJ Simon busy at it. I take a peak behind him at processor .. he’s using “**** Male DJ2011". I ask him what he thinks of the sound today, he likes it .. YES !!!! He promises to go broadcast his feelings in the “play pen” ( the communal open plan office place where the programming team hang out ) .. I thank him in advance.

11.35 .. I head for Studio 1 to put he “final” processor settings into both units there.

13.21 .. I’m in the car heading for Tesco’s in Gerrards Cross .. I need to buy some English sweets as a gift for Saturday week ..

14.04 .. I’m back in the office.

A brief meeting with Ernie, to let her know the situation re Processor settings, she’s pleased we are pressing on with this, and she’s going to help regarding the VT issue and Ernie’s equivalents in News .. we need them to move on too.

16.00 .. I call it a day as far as front line stuff is concerned and start to get my act together to make sure all’s in place for escaping later with all I need for Brunei.

17.46 .. I’m in the car ..

18.46 .. I’m home .. I unload the car then go to the garage and jump start the bike ..

18.52 .. The engine is running .. I resume the search for the missing battery charger .. ping !!! I then go straight to it .. in a filling cabinet. So I stop the engine and put the charger on .. it should be good for the morning.

19.05 .. Karen decides she’d sooner put off a pub dinner till tomorrow .. she’s suggesting a Chinese for tonight ..

19.40 .. I order the food ..

Main course consumed, time for the fortune cookies .. “ YOU ARE DESTINED TO BE A HERO ” and “ YOU WILL WIN SUCCESS IN WHATEVER YOU ADOPT” .. the first .. I’m really not sure what for or why .. time will tell .. as for the second one, the mind boggles .. hmmm ..  !!! I have to add the Chinese has returned to a brand of fortune cookie we’ve not seen for a while, old brand at least left me with a will to live.

21.10 .. Back to the PC ..

22.26 .. I head for bed .. bike MOT in the morning. 

More to come ...

Day 2523. Saturday 5th November  2011.

Memory Joggers ...

07.30 .. The alarm ..

It’s the Saturday morning weigh in .. 14st 11 1/4lb ...

Problems getting my bike boots on ..

10.28 .. I’m on the road .. late ..

11.00 .. Phew, made it ..

12.12 .. Finally back on the road for home ..

12.56 .. I’m home ..

20.10 .. We head for an Indian ..

An offer of drinks on the house is accepted .. we both have a Tia Maria .. and then order coffee’s ..

21.58 .. We are home ..

More to come ...

Day 2524. Sunday 6th November 2011.

Memory Joggers ...

06.00 .. The alarm .. groan .. up and at it ..

07.15 .. “Bob” picks up my brand new suitcase from the kitchen door way, and it snaps off .. great start.

07.48 .. I’m outside LHR T3 .. 

Mark arrives, we go through security ( with embarrassment re dilators )  and look for somewhere to breakfast .. 

10.21 .. Is waiting at LHR T3 Gate 1 to board a monster of an aeroplane .. an A380 Airbus. All good so far and Singapore Airlines didn't charge for the excess .. the really good news is that the handle has now broken off my new suitcase .. twice .. 10 year warranty .. hmmmm.

More to come ...                                   

Day 2525. Monday 7th November 2011.

Memory Joggers ...

From my Facebook page ..

17:22 ( Brunei time ) .. is in the hotel in Brunei, a physical wreck with badly swollen ankles .. with suitcase with missing handle. Ironically I photographed my case going up the conveyor into the A319aircraft in Singapore .. then watched somebody throw a handle with tag onto the conveyor .. sadly the handle didn't appear on the Brunei baggage claim .. :(. CAB was right .. A380 ECONOMY is terribly uncomfortable.

20:40 .. Brunei time .. Having escaped any indignity, except a giggle between 2 female operators when my carry on case got scanned at LHR repeatedly holding everyone up I got away with my dilator kit. But not in Singapore this afternoon, where they wanted to look inside the box, so a female and male operator took me a side to a cubicle cause I wasn't going to show them in "public" .. the male operator soon scuttled off embarrassed ( and maybe feeling inadequate ) after a quick eye ball, the female operator just discretely said "I understand, that is OK" .. :-)

Had a quick snack at a local restaurant tonight, 200 metres walk in a steam oven .. colleague Mark and I had a delicious, simple two course meal with drinks ( dry state remember ) for BN$ 15.60 .. that's about £8 for both of us .. you can't do that in UK.

More to come ...       

Day 2526. Tuesday 8th November 2011.

Memory Joggers ...

07.30 .. The alarm ..

from my Facebook page ..

08.28 .. Post breakfast .. GOOD MORNING Vietnam .. ermmm .. sorry .. Good morning Brunei .. xx

18.14 .. A successful day in the office, even though fighting monstrous jet lag .. lots of little odd jobs done in the on air studio's .. and importantly the company Suzuki jeep now has a working remote fob for the central locking ( surface mount switches remounted using a massive soldering iron ) .. only to find out that the drivers door mechanism is broken, so 4 out of 5 doors now open and lock on the buttons. Colleague Marks gone back to the airport to collect the spectrum analyser seized by customs ..

Thai meal tonight ..

More to come ...

Day 2527. Wednesday 9th November 2011.

Memory Joggers ...

06.45 .. The alarm ..

09.15 .. in office .. Morning World .. ouch !!

11.50 .. Been to the Army medical centre here in Brunei because of my swollen ankles ( left especially ) post flight to Brunei, one of the worst cases doctor has seen .. now on "water tablets" to try and get them down.

Strangely, most of his interest and conversation was about my experiences over the last 6 years, especially why I went to Thailand. He'd seen a lot of military folk who'd been through CHX system and were far from happy with their outcomes. He thanked me for telling him of my experiences, it would help him ( and others ) in the future.

15.08 .. Three hours after taking two of the "water tablets"  ( 2 x 20mg Furosemide) as instructed I'm needing the loo every 45 min and it feels like somebodies kicked me in the kidneys, not worried about my feet any more << grimace >> .. Dorothy has given me some Tigers Balm to rub on my back .. "It'll take your mind off the pain if nothing else" .. the smell certainly has !!

Chinese meal tonight ..

21.50 .. Brunei time .. I'm about to let my Thai boyfriends have there wicked way with me .. but I'm a little "uncomfortable" with the bathroom situation .. got no bath side to half perch on for prep & cleanse ( shower cubicle only ) and all my clean water is in the fridge .. DOH .. but I can't afford to put it off any longer .. ho hum. Lighting in the room is rather dim and this clever girl forgot to pack her large clinic mirror .. double DOH.

00.49 .. OK .. "drudgery" done, but not one I can call "successful" in the proper Dr Suporn style .. I fell asleep about 25 - 30 minutes into it and woke after my 74minute version of my soundtrack finished some 15 minutes earlier .. ho hum .. will have to try again before next Friday. Forgot how many bottles of water used to get used in Thailand doing this, you get used to running taps in UK for prep and cleanse .. but not here. Need at least 3 litres by the time everything is done, and not out of the fridge .. that sure did wake me up !!!

More to come ...

Day 2528 - Week 362 - Thursday 10th November 2011.

Day 2528. Thursday 10th November 2011. !!!

Memory Joggers ...

06.45 .. The alarm ..

11.12 .. one observation of being in a tropical climate .. in the UK when one lowers ones trousers / knics to use the loo they are always cold when you pull them back up .. not in Brunei .. they are warm just like they've been ironed and cool down on the body .. strange but true !!! Temperature today, it's cool .. 96F !!!!

18.40 .. Back at the hotel .. Just got in my room, switch a light on and the place plunges into darkness .. spooky .. no it’s a power cut that lasts about 5 minutes .. lucky the emergency light in my room works.

Indian ..

22.25 .. I’m laying with my feet on her bed in Brunei backwards .. with my ankles resting on the headboard in an attempt to reduce the swelling in my ankles and feet. After a promising ( less swollen ) start things are much like they were 2 days ago.

Currently waiting for yet another call from my bank .. Health Warning : HSBC will do your head in sooner or later !!!

22.52 .. 10 minute call from HSBC to me in Brunei has not resolved anything .. time to find a new bank !!! The thing they really wanted to do was to see if I qualified for one of there free premier customer account ( income £100k pa, £300k mortguage .. yeah right )or sell me one of there £15 a month super accounts, nice Scottish lady ...

HSBC: "it'll sort out most of your problems madam" ..

S: "but will it sort out the transphobia in your call centres, especially India ?" ..

HSBC: "I can't guarantee that it will" ..

S:"Time for me to move banks then to somebody who will pay me decent interest on my savings without taking most of it back in £15 a month charges"

HSBC: "I'de like to help you but I can't" ..

Call ended soon after ..

More to come ...

Day 2529. Friday 11th November 2011.

Memory Joggers ...

06.45 .. The alarm .. I do not feel good, still got splitting headache

08.12 .. Breakfast on the edge of the terrace closest to the sea .. lovely .. take a picture or 2 using my phone.

12.45 .. Dorothy guides me to the IT shop in Seria .. while I go in and get the two DVD re-writers she goes and buys lunch for her and Steve

As I wait on the corner for Dorothy, I spot a load of those silver lined UV proof sunshade / umbrella’s that I’ve been looking for, when Dorothy returns we go in, I get a nice PURPLE one !!

13.25 .. Back in the office ..

18.05 .. We finally leave the office ..

18.22 .. As we arrive at the hotel, it’s starting to spit with rain .. the sky looks angry ..

18.45 .. It’s hammering it down outside ..

19.05 .. I go knock on Marks door .. we agree to leave it a little till it stops raining .. we’d be drenched before we got half the way of the 15 metres to the Suzuki !!

19.40 .. Mark knocks on my door ..

It’s a steak dinner .. what no spices ??

23.15 .. I call it a night ..

More to come ...

Day 2530. Saturday 12th November  2011.

Memory Joggers ...

It wasn’t a good night again .. trying to keep my feet up isn’t easy ..

06.45 .. The alarm .. I snooze it a couple of times ..

07.07 .. I call Karen ..

08.20 .. I head down to breakfast ..

On the table behind me there are a couple of oil field chaps talking about submerged mud pumps .. and how they should be rated and run .. very interesting ..

It’s the Saturday morning weigh in .. oh no it’s not .. no scales here thank goodness.

09.15 .. We head off to Kuala Belait town to get the computer memory ..

09.27 .. Parked up in the middle of the main drag, we walk to the end and do the deal .. Bn$ 70.00 per 1 gb PC3200u .. that’s nearly double the UK price.

I drive us back to the studio’s via the infamous “Tea Pot Roundabout”. Back in march I tried to get some pictures from inside the Suzuki as James drove it .. I decide to park up in a nearby side street.

I get some far better pictures .. than my March ones ..

10.05 .. We arrive at the studio’s .. the door is locked .. Mark walks around the back and gets the attention of a girl in the Gurkha Studio ..

10.08 .. We are in .. before I do anything else I take my two “water tablets”.

We soon settle down to modifying the two main studio desks .. breaking into the loom for the presenters microphone ready to put the Yellowtec Voice processors in if they arrive ..

I part make up some looms and Mark solders on the connectors .. my part is faster .. so I go around installing the driver for the “new” network printer on all the office network PC’s.

Jobs done ..

14.35 .. We head back to the hotel .. Mark’s driving.

15.20 .. ish .. in my swimming costume, cover up, shawl and hat I head down to sit by the beach then go for a float around in the pool ..

I stay in the pool for must be something like an hour .. trying to elevate my feet and also exercise my lower body .. I think water aerobics might be the answer to Karen and I’s fitness problem.

17.15 .. I’m back in my room ..

I chat with Melanie on Skype typed chat .. then get ready to go out .. I put some makeup on as I’ve got the time, and a much younger outfit than I would here .. must be the mutton curry from Thursday night coming out through my skin .. << sniggers >>.

19.20 .. Mark and I head off to find the Italian restaurant .. we do.

Soon as we are seated the manager comes over, recognising me from 7 months ago and welcoming me back ..

21.20 .. I’m back in my room .. I take some pictures of myself .. with and without the shawl ..

23.00 .. I Skype out to Karen’s mobile, she should be with Claire .. she is, I chat to Karen as much as normal .. Claire is a lot more difficult, Karen tells me she kissed the phone at one point .. a tear falls .

00.12 .. Time for bed ..

More to come ...

Day 2531. Sunday 13th November 2011.

Memory Joggers ...

05.45 .. The alarm ..

from my Facebook page ..

Has had a great day off from work today, thanks to Dorothy and Steve, aka the management @BFBS Brunei. They organised a boat trip for us into the jungle to go crock and monkey spotting .. apparently we were lucky, and Tommy our guide, was impressed with my ability to spot crocodile eyes in the water at speed.

River trip topped off with a late breakfast at Tommy's house. A quick tour of the city took us to The Empire Hotel (6*) for lunch .. then a trip to a beech on the way home ..

.. back at the hotel for 19.15. Thank you Dorothy and Steve !!

As for Mark's self confessed "comedy suntan" .. ouch .. bet he thought I was mad with a shawl around my neck and shoulders .. I'm just a little red on one shoulder !

More to come ...                                   

Day 2532. Monday 14th November 2011.

Memory Joggers ...

06.45 .. The alarm ..

I call Karen ..

Will hopefully be seeing the doctor again today .. feet still swelling and my bubbly cough is getting worse .. I wanna go home !!!

11.49 .. Has seen the same doctor this morning, who has now given me 40mg size Furosemide tablets and told me to take two this morning on top of the 2 x 20 I took 2 hours ago. Dr .. "I'm not worried if you spend the next 6 hours on the loo and do little else".

He said he wouldn't want me flying long haul the way I am but realises Thailand is important so won't stop me doing the two 2.5 hour flights. He's written a letter for Dr Suporn suggesting some blood tests on Friday .. "ures & electrolytes". He 's told me to stop oestrogen HRT, I'd reduced to one tablet today anyway and removed patches and Oestrogel anyway ready for this week.

One worry about this GP is that I mentioned friend Paige's advise about Potassium and banana's .. "I'm glad you mentioned that" .. "yes eat more banana's".

23.45 .. Gosh busy day in the bathroom for sure .. will be interesting to see how feet are in the morning .. with the Dr telling me to take it easy on drinks to reduce my fluid intake .. time will tell. Thailand in 48 hours.

01.15 .. Oh bum .. to "celebrate" the fact I've re packed 90% of my stuff for a quick exit on Wednesday at 6am ( cause of an evening out tomorrow night ) I decided to crack open the can of Tiger beer a friend gave me earlier. I opened it at my room desk chair and it exploded .. I ran with the etna type erupting can to my bathroom sink but have left a trail of beer foam across my carpet .. this room is going to smell like a brewery in the morning .. did I mention that Brunei is a "dry muslim" state !!!

Think I'd better take the can to work with me for disposal in the morning .. hide the evidence !!!

01.45 .. I'm going to bed now .. :)

More to come ...       

Day 2533. Tuesday 15th November 2011.

Memory Joggers ...

06.45 .. The alarm ..

14.20 .. Brunei time .. wearing a path in the carpet, toing and froming the outdoor lavy .. but the ankles are looking a lot better than this time yesterday .. BRILL !

More to come ...

Day 2534. Wednesday 16th November 2011.

Memory Joggers ...

04.45 .. The alarm .. groan ..

06.10 .. Our taxi driver finally arrives for work, 2 minutes later he’s with us with the car ..

07.55 .. We’ve made it to the terminal at Bandar Seri Begawan Airport .. and it’s not a nice place to go through to be honest. At least no hassle with security.

08.20 .. After a quick wander ..

09.20 .. We are finally airborne ..

11.10 Singapore ( Brunei time) .. arrived in Singapore, soon said goodbye to Mark as he left for his 3 day stay here.

Bought some flight socks which I struggled into .. ankles not looking pretty again :(

Sit waiting for gate to open and a Laos elderly couple come and sit next to me and start chatting .. really friendly and impeccable English .. or is it Australian .. "going home" after 35 years :)

14.30 .. I’m sitting at gate D46 at Singapore airport waiting for her onward flight to Thailand. It's supposed to be a 15.05 take off .. like shouldn't there be a plane here waiting by now !!

Security have just given me another hard time over my "medical kit" .. wanted to see certain items and then discussing the contents of a certain bottle of hibiscrub .. has only 80ml left in it, but 120ml bottle .. eventually somebody said it's OK cause it's on my doctors letter. Strangely, no hassle at all in Brunei this morning.

14.39 .. Air Asia aircraft turns up .. phew.

15.04 .. Push back starts .. well that is ruddy amazing for an aircraft turn around !!!

17.24 ( 16.24 Thai time ) .. We are down .. and there’s a mad rush off the aircraft .. but not into the terminal .. down another exit stair and onto a coach that is packed. Thanks to some issues with toe peg shoes incompatible with “flight socks” .. I’m the last to get on and only enough room to stand on bottom step as the door closes behind me, a kind Thai lad helped me on and put my case where I could still reach it.

16.50 .. Thai time .. I’ve gone through customs ( only a queue of 3 in the line I chose ) and start looking for the baggage claim .. I walk the to the wrong end. Still fighting with my shoes, walking isn’t that easy and several times I need to stop and put a shoe back on .. by the time I get there my case pops out.

17.05 .. I’m met by the crew from the Suporn clinic .. hey it’s danny doing the driving.

More to come ...                                   

Day 2532. Monday 14th November 2011.

Memory Joggers ...

06.10 .. The alarm ..

20.30 .. We finally leave the office .. we head for the Italian in Seria ..

More to come ...       

Day 2533. Tuesday 15th November 2011.

Memory Joggers ...

06.45 .. The alarm ..

More to come ...

Day 2534. Wednesday 16th November 2011.

Memory Joggers ...

04.45 .. The alarm .. groan ..

06.10 .. Our taxi driver finally arrives for work, 2 minutes later he’s with us with the car ..

07.55 .. We’ve made it to the terminal at Bandar Seri Begawan Airport .. and it’s not a nice place to go through to be honest. At least no hassle with security.

08.20 .. After a quick wander ..

09.20 .. We are finally airborne ..

?11.10 Singapore ( Brunei time) .. arrived in Singapore, soon said goodbye to Mark as he left for his 3 day stay here.

Bought some flight socks which I struggled into .. ankles not looking pretty again :(

Sit waiting for gate to open and a Laos elderly couple come and sit next to me and start chatting .. really friendly and impeccable English .. or is it Australian .. "going home" after 35 years :)

14.30 .. I’m sitting at gate D46 at Singapore airport waiting for her onward flight to Thailand. It's supposed to be a 15.05 take off .. like shouldn't there be a plane here waiting by now !!

Security have just given me another hard time over my "medical kit" .. wanted to see certain items and then discussing the contents of a certain bottle of hibiscrub .. has only 80ml left in it, but 120ml bottle .. eventually somebody said it's OK cause it's on my doctors letter. Strangely, no hassle at all in Brunei this morning.

14.39 .. Air Asia aircraft turns up .. phew.

15.04 .. Push back starts .. well that is ruddy amazing for an aircraft turn around !!!

17.24 ( 16.24 Thai time ) .. We are down .. and there’s a mad rush off the aircraft .. but not into the terminal .. down another exit stair and onto a coach that is packed. Thanks to some issues with toe peg shoes incompatible with “flight socks” .. I’m the last to get on and only enough room to stand on bottom step as the door closes behind me, a kind Thai lad helped me on and put my case where I could still reach it.

16.50 .. Thai time .. I’ve gone through customs ( only a queue of 3 in the line I chose ) and start looking for the baggage claim .. I walk the to the wrong end. Still fighting with my shoes, walking isn’t that easy and several times I need to stop and put a shoe back on .. by the time I get there my case pops out.

More to come ...

Day 2535 - Week 363 - Thursday 17th November 2011.

Day 2535. Thursday 17th November 2011.

Memory Joggers ...

07.45 .. The alarm ..

09.42 .. I’ve just made it down to breakfast in time .. I go sit with Kari and wife Julia ..

10.25 .. ish .. As the breakfast crowd vanishes a young Thai girl comes around chatting to the other patients .. I introduce myself .. this is Jhai .. a replacement for Wi and Gift I discover later, who have both left. They are still looking for another girl.

I head back to my room for a quick sharpening of teeth before I wander across to the clinic on my way for a massage .. Jib & Aey great me with a hug .. as does Bow later.

11.12 .. I’m in the chair for a foot and leg 1 hour massage .. Jib ( Clinic's head girl ) pointed me to Maam's new place, not far from the old place but across the bridge. I walked in, Maam beamed and lunged in for a hug .. then stood back thinking for a few seconds .. "Salah" ( Thai's don't do "r"'s like Chinese .. ), not bad after nearly 3 years .. though she has reason to remember me. Sadly no sign of my favourite mas-sous Jit, a new Thai woman who speaks a little English invites me to a chair.

It's amazing what 150 Baht ( £3) gets you .. it was pure torture on a few pressure points and when I flinched and said "jib" (Thai for pain ) she said .. "do more and I make you pee pee" .. who needs water tablets !!

Half an hour after massage was over I had to cut my shopping short and race back to hotel .. she was right .. better than triple dose of water tablets !!

I will be going back for a dry full body massage ( wearing special clothes they put you in ) tomorrow .. also £3 for an hour .. though might splash out on £5 essential oils massage, never had one guess it could be messy.

12.20 .. I’m on my way out to do a quick bit of shopping ..

14.48 .. I enter the clinic .. by the back door ..

As I sit down I’m approached by a Swiss girl, and soon her girl friend arrives. This Swiss girl has also read my diary and indicates it was a factor in choosing Dr Suporn for her SRS surgery, that was 11 days ago.

Soon after a girl in an orange gown enters from the examination room and gingerly sits down .. I know why.

15.20 .. I’m called into Examination Room 2 by Zhai .. and told to strip off my lower end, I do and get onto the couch. Two gowned, gloved and masked nurses start a pre examination inspection and photo session. A couple of minutes later Dr Suporn enters through the joining door of Examination Room  1.

The doctor shakes my hand and goes and looks at the notes taken by Jib this morning. Thirty minutes later with a lot of probing and pulling Dr Suporn tells me what he’s going to do. Closing one of the fissures, removing some hairs from the fissure on the other side by electolysis and doing some work around the urethra. He doesn’t want to remove much material from the fissures as that would create  cosmetic appearance problems with the labias.

After the external examination he looks inside .. it seems the UK Gynae might have made things worse putting me on Vagifem, as this thins the lining of the Vagina not thickens it in us TS folks, she told me otherwise.

Putting his tool inside of me tears the lining which has now got thinner thanks to the Vagifem, in two places .. he starts to mop blood up from inside of me, I get to see with a mirror where. He takes that tool out and places a perspex tube inside for another look, and the nurses are back to take pictures of the inside.

He’s going to do it all under local anaesthetic, but they’ll give me something to help me relax. 

He suggests I need to stop dilating as such and just check for depth occasionally while in the shower, my static depth, after not dilating for 7 days is now 5.5 inches and he says that shouldn’t change. The only thing that might change is the diameter, which I can do a dilation for from time to time to keep it big enough for my needs.

15.55 .. I get dressed and make my way back into the reception area. After a few moments  .. Zhai   comes and tells me I’ve got to report to clinic at 14.30 tomorrow to be preped for the work to be done in one of the upstairs theatres. 

This prep I’ve had done before, when I needed a minor revision after the initial surgery nearly 4 years ago before I went home. It involves taking a shower and washing down there with hibiscrub, before putting on a bright orange gown, an indicator to everyone in the reception area what your in for. Two nurses then prep you, loads of “Emla cream” and a plastic foil is placed over the area. Your then sent outside to be gawped at for 30 minutes till the cream works. Once “comfortable” on the operating table Dr Suporn injects local anaesthetic into the area. hmmm. 

Jhai organises another Thai tea for me .. Dr Suporns daughter Eve is now in the clinic .. gosh she’s grown, and now clearly wearing her school uniform.

17.05 .. I pack up and head for the hotel ..

17.11 .. I’m in my hotel room .. strip off and lay on my bed with aircon on max .

19.15 .. I head for the restaurant for dinner .. and find Kari and Julie sitting with Kylie, another Australian and two English girls .. erm .. ones stunning and from Sheffield ..

20.40 .. ish .. dinner over head for my room ..

23.15 .. I head for the bathroom to get ready for bed ..

00.27 .. I call Karen

More to come ...

Day 2536. Friday 18th November 2011.

Memory Joggers ...

06.10 .. The alarm ..

11.00 .. I went for a massage, Kari joined me, I had the foot massage, Kari had the Thai full body done by Som.


Kari, with Som who did her full body massage .. spot the difference !!

13.05 .. Back in my room .. worried whitless by what's coming ..

14.18 .. My Hotel phone rings, it's Jhai, telling me I should have been at the clinic to be preped at 14.00 .. I tell her Jib told me 14.30 this morning .. but I was about to leave ..

14.45 .. Showered with hibiscrub, dressed in orange gown I was part preped by two nurses and Jhai. This is no fashion show.


I'm seriously nervous at this point, trying to stay calm .. inside my heart was pounding ..


Shakey cam hides the fact I'm nervous .. trying to smile .. but I know whats coming .. :-(

Sat back in waiting room chatting to friend .. given tray of 5 pills to take inc the "funny" blue one.

15.20 .. taken into big Theatre and final prep done as Dr Suporn arrived. Dr did ask if I felt sleepy enough before he started and I thought so ..

DR spent 40 minutes doing the necessary. Half way through I started trembling, felt another jab and I think it must have been something to relax me cause I soon stopped trembling and started to drift off a couple of times. When he'd finished I was helped down and put into a "sleep room" attached to Operating Theatre. An ice pack was placed down there and I was left to chill.

16.50 .. Helped up, Bow and Jhai helped me down stairs and deposited me, still in theatre orange gown in to the 4x4 for short ride back to hotel where they took me back to room and put me to bed.

I think everything is OK, had a "pee pee" in middle of night and it went straight down ( well that issue seems sorted ) .. will get staff visits everyday to inspect and see Dr on Monday. Been left with big back of mixed painkillers, sleeping tablets, anti inflammatory, Polidine, Silver sulphide, hibi scrub and large bag of bed protectors and panty pads.

More to come ...

Day 2537. Saturday 19th November  2011.

Memory Joggers ...

07.40 .. I wake in pain ..

08.20 .. Up and at it .. It’s the Saturday morning weigh in .. oh no it isn’t.

I’m not allowed to shower today, so it’s a good but maybe inadequate wash down solution this morning, then lay down and start cleaning very carefully down below.

08.55 .. ish .. I’m naked, on my back trying to delicately de blood my nether regions using my hand bag mirror  when there’s a knock at my door, it’s Jib .. morning check up time from the clinic. I lay back down and she looks inside me then does my blood pressure ..  "blood pleasule vely good (120/84) and every thing looking normal” down there for 18 hours after surgery .. lucky clinic staff are equally blasé about patients being naked in our rooms as I am to them wanting to look where they need to .. it’s one thing some patients find hard initially.

09.05 .. Jib leaves me to my cleaning, Polidine and Silver Sulfadiazine cream .. oh the pleasures, especially trying to do it holding my little make up mirror, I need to grow another arm quickly. I thin k about using my webcam on my laptop as a mirror .. I’ll try that some time .. but not now.

09.35 .. I head down to the restaurant for breakfast .. and end up sitting with Julie, Kari’s wife. Kari has gone to the clinic to see the doctor who was coming in this morning to see a newly arrived patient whose going to the hospital tomorrow, and is fitting Kari in as she’s worried about something.

As we are eating, a south American girl who is stunningly beautiful comes and struts through the restaurant, we are introduced. Ok she’s fairly young .. but the way she is dressed in one of the smallest length dresses I’ve ever seen and high heels .. she’ll get plenty of offers on the street !!

11.02 .. I’m in the clinic to pick up the extra supplies Jib promised me, but there are only two Thai speaking staff there .. I give up and head for a foot massage.

11.15 .. I’m in the mas souse’s chair again for another foot massage .. after about 10 minutes, Kari and Julie walk in, but they are asked to wait 15 minutes. Julie gets a full body massage first, Kari then waits a while and then takes the chair next to me .. she’s quite open about the causes of some of her physical problems .. and as I’m putting my skirt on I hear her tell the mas souse what her age is .. she’s older than me !!!


Three of the mas souse's at Mam's place ..

Left to right:

Som .. Mam ( the Boss ) .. Sirivan


Kari's wife Julie getts the full body Thai massage from Mam .. total bliss ..

12.18 .. I take some pictures of Julie laid out enjoying her massage with Mam, and rush back to the clinic which closes at 12.30.

12.23 .. I push the clinic front door .. it’s locked, but Bow is hiding and she comes and lets me in. Jib see’s me and says she’s left a dressing pack by my hotel door .. phew. I ask if I can borrow a mirror for the duration of my stay, she says yes and sends somebody upstairs to find me one.

12.30 .. I’m back at my room, I’ve been left two dressing packs .. I strip off and lay on my bed .. and wedge my laptop with a pillow just like I used to here .. I do some e-mails and start sorting some photographs out.

13.38 .. Like a mad woman .. I venture out to get some essential supplies .. I’m going through panty pads at an alarming rate, and I need a load of water for washing down there.

Skype calls to Karen and then my mother ..

19.19 .. I give Kari and Julie a call on Skype to see if they are going down to dine .. they’re not, so I go down alone.

Skype call from Gillian ..

11.57 .. I start my cleanse and prepare for bed ..

01.00 .. I head for bed .. nightie night.
More to come ...

Day 2538. Sunday 20th November 2011.

Memory Joggers ...

Not a comfortable night .. tossed and turned a lot despite the sleeping tablet I took .. 

07.45 .. The alarm.

08.05 .. Up and at it ..

10.40 .. ish .. Jhai comes to my room ..

Long chat with Melanie on Skype ..

Chat with Petra on Yahoo ..

15.00 .. What no lunch .. time to shop and get a massage ..

More to come ...                                   

Day 2539. Monday 21st November 2011.

Memory Joggers ...

02.55 .. I finally turn my light off and try to sleep .. but I can’t .. this isn’t good.

06.10 .. The alarm ..

11.20 .. Aey comes and knocks at my door .. she’s come to check me up .. look at my surgery and do my blood pressure .. 141/73 .. it’s a bit raised today .. maybe because of my stressful night.

14.15 .. I enter the Amorvero massage and nail salon and take a seat for a pedicure .. looking at the sign outside I was expecting to pay 250 - 500 Baht .. why is everything just £3 for an hour of a sweet girls time .. incredible.!!

A young girl soon gives up and Jom takes over “professional” a girl called Ae tells me ..

As for my feet, they've never looked so good !!! 150 Baht for the pedicure, if I'd wanted to buy the nail polish she used would have been 300 Baht. My nails got base coat, two layers of colour and a top coat .. but it was the cleaning and conditioning processes that were just amazing.

The girls were far too interested in my finger nails .. I told them it was a secret .. they kept looking at my hands on a cushion, I was very careful not to give the game away when I moved them .. !!!

15.25 .. I’m heading back to the hotel when I realise I’ve missed the send off for Kari and Julie .. gosh I feel guilty.

15.45 .. Back in my room to call Karen .. to realise I’m an hour too late !!!

19.38 .. I head for a

19.52 .. I’m laid out prone for my massage ..

21.10 .. Well that was a long 1 hour .. grins .. I’m the last customer to leave ..

I stop on the way back on the bridge to take some night time pictures ..

21.26 .. I’m back in my room ... 

Chat with Jenny on Skype ..

23.00 .. I do my cleanse, creme and pad routine for the night ..

23.45 .. Finally get to chat to Karen ..

00.06 .. Time for bed ..

More to come ...

Day 2540. Tuesday 22nd November 2011.

Memory Joggers ...

Despite the late evening body massage I  don’t sleep well .. I dropped off fast enough but then woke sometime when it was dark .. and tossed and turned again, being spiked by stitches doesn’t help ..

07.45 .. The alarm .. I snooze it once .. I am exhausted.

07.55 .. Up and at it .. I open the curtains .. it’s another blue sky !!

08.00 .. I check the weather forecast, another sunny day .. currently 29c, 54% humidity .. afternoon high only to be 35c, so a cooler day than yesterday .. maybe .. thank goodness.

 Time to shower and wash my hair .. a Head & Shoulders day I think .. the stuff I used Sunday will probably go in the bin .. made a sticky mess of my hair ..  

09.18 .. I head down to breakfast .. initially I’m sitting a lone but soon I’m joined by Vicky and an American woman out of hospital yesterday .. 

10.35 .. We head back to our rooms .. I need to get creamed for the morning. I do the business .. gosh my eyes are red .. I put some “Bright Eyes” drops in ..

11.01 .. I head for the clinic for my “11.00" appointment .. from experience of Thai time I’ll have to wait !!! 

11.06 .. I’m in the clinic .. there’s a crowd .. I don’t think Dr Suporn is here yet .. 

I end up next to Vicky who shows a few of us a mock advert on her netpad .. it’s so funny, I do a search for it and put it on face book ..

11.35 .. First sight of Dr Suporn in the clinic .. Vicky shows and demonstrates her “Flip” video camera .. it’s very good ..

While I sit and wait .. I do some updating on my web site pages for the clinic, moving some staff from the current page to the “X team” page .. fond memories for all.

12.15 .. This is a demonstration of Thai time .. still waiting to be seen .. but good things come to all that wait !!!

12.22 .. I do myself a weight check on the iffy clinic scales in reception .. 96.0 kg same as last Friday. A converter programme says that 15st 1.6 lb .. hmmm .. maybe. 

12.40 .. 11.00 has long gone .. Kylie is called into exam room 2, several girls are in the infamous orange gowns .. one has just been taken up to the operating theatre so I guess my turn with the doctor is imminent. Vicky escapes from Exam Room 1 with good news, she doesn’t need a revision before going home on Saturday.

12.45 .. I’m called into Exam room 2 .. I undress and two nurses get me ready for Dr Suporn, as they are taking pictures, he walks through from Exam room 1 .. and has a look. He’s reasonably happy, but one inflamed bit of Labia near my urethra is a minor concern .. more pain killers which he’s told me to double up on, and another 3 days of antibiotics.

12.56 ..  I’m back dressed in reception, waiting for the extra drugs. The soon arrive along with another two tubes of “1% micronised Silver Sulfadiazine” cream.

13.05 .. I head back to the hotel for lunch .. with Vicky & Kylie. Lunch is a spicy Chicken burger with a few chips and a salad ..

14.30 .. I’m in my room ..

14.33 .. ( 07.33 GMT ) .. I give Karen a call on Skype .. no answer.

14.37 .. Karen calls back ..

15.00 .. I hit the street, heading for a bank to cash more £’s into Baht .. then what to do .. a massage .. why not ?!?

I head for the bank via the Clinic .. my heart stops when I see ex friend ( her choice ) Nanda sitting there, I do my best to ignore and manage not to have to say anything ..      


Today, my foot and leg massage is provided by Kannokwan, just known as Wan

03.02 .. I climb into bed again ..

More to come ...

Day 2541. Wednesday 23rd November 2011.

Memory Joggers ...

07.15 .. The alarm ..

08.58 .. I’m in the Bangkok Bank branch in ChonBuri .. to cash another £100 sterling .. I get 4800 Baht .. in England, with British Banks high profit margins I’d have been lucky to get 4500 .. that’s 2 free massages !!!

09.25 .. Back in my hotel room .. rushing to get ready to join the gathering down stairs for the trip out.

09.45 .. I’m sitting in reception ..

09.58 .. The two clinic mini buses arrive, Seems the segregation is that those with first time surgery are in the high roof one .. the rest of us (revisionists) are jammed in the low roof one. Bit annoying that, as there are only 1.5 “English” speakers here the other 3 are with the group of 6 German speakers .. great planning !!!

10.08 .. We are on the road to the Chinese temple, after a quick stop to collect the two mas souse’s from my favourite place Som and another.

10.45 .. My suspicions are right .. it’s still a building site here at the Temple ..

11.30 .. ish .. We head for Dr Suporn's beach house ..

17.08 .. We drive away from the beach house ..

17.30 .. As I feared, this route  back to Chonburi has taken us past the hospital .. there’s a considerable rush of emotion and I loose the battle not to cry ..

17.35 .. Through my tears I can see a large digital thermometer by the road side, 35.4C phew .. even at this time as dusk is falling.

00.35 .. Nightie night ..

More to come ...

Day 2542 - Week 364 - Thursday 24th November 2011.

TDay 2542. Thursday 24th November 2011.

Memory Joggers ...

07.30 .. The alarm .. To be ready for the hair doctor’s arrival at 09.00.

09.15 .. The doctor has gone ..

09.35 .. I’m in the restaurant for breakfast ..

10.32 .. I’m back in my room .. I take a couple of water tablets ..then lay down and wait with my feet back on the headboard .. that strange trickling in my legs soon returns .. 

11.05 .. I’m bursting .. and it’s 15 - 20 minute cycles for the 90 mins .. 

12.45 .. I head for the clinic .. when I’m in Bow is the only one there. Everyone else is at lunch. Bow makes me an iced Thai tea .. lovely. We chat for a while but she’s a little nervous when I ask some direct questions. Suddenly my attention is caught by a moving light behind the big show chair in the reception area. I notice something else .. the glass window isn’t sealed. I suspect this is Aoi’s office, she can hear what’s going on I am sure.

The other girls return, Jib directs me to a shop ( market stall ) where I can buy some banana’s.

13.10 .. I head out into the midday heat .. two missions .. banana’s and bits try and make another emergency handle for my suitcase .. the later will be a challenge.

16.25 .. I’m in the clinic .. Jhai soon appears, I take her photograph in the style of the other girls and then we go round the back where it is quieter .. to record her voice for my site ..

16.45 .. ish .. I head for the other side of the main road ..

16.50 .. I enter my second home here .. Mam’s massage shop .. it’s going to have to be an oil full body massage .. Som delivers it just as she did yesterday at the beach house .. gosh she’s good .. find myself getting close to dosing off.

17.50 .. I am done .. gosh .. relaxed or what .. whish she could just leave me there, I’m sure I’d sleep to midday tomorrow. As I’m getting dressed Som brings me a cup of warm ginger water .. it’s very good .. I’m told it’s important to drink a warm water after a massage.

18.12 .. I head back to the hotel ..

Back in my room I chill for  while ..

19.15 .. I head down to eat .. it’s not the best meal I’ve had here for sure ..

20.20 .. I’m back in my room ..

00.32 .. I finally get to talk to Karen on Skype .. been to her sisters ..

01.05 .. Finally get into bed ..

More to come ...

Day 2543. Friday 25th November 2011.

Memory Joggers ...
07.05 .. My phones beeping .. feed me, feed me .. I get up to put it on charge and stay up ..

07.45 .. The alarm ..

07.58 .. Martha calls from England on Skype .. we chat .. too long ..

08.35 .. I hit the shower ..

09.15 .. I join Martina ( Swiss German ) who is with her sister and sisters boy friend ..

09.55 .. I head back to my room and get in the lift with Jhai .. other people have commented how white she is, I ask if she’s using skin whitener like so many here do .. she doesn’t .. she’s half Japanese and that’s why !! I do like Jhai, she’s very pretty and has a lovely character. 

In my room, I take a couple of the 40mg Furosemide and wait,  I do some diary .. adding pictures to the past week ..

11.36 .. Katherine calls ..

11.50 .. ish .. There’s a knock on my door .. it’s Katherine ..

12.00 .. ish .. after a false start, we head for the clinic .. we’d both forgotten our cushions ..

12.10 .. We are in the clinic .. I do need the loo urgently ..

13.03 .. Back in my room ..

14.50 .. The maid arrives to do my room .. feeling guilty I give her 100 Baht.

15.02 .. The maid has gone,  I say goodbye to Petra and chill for a while.

15.38 .. Katherine calls .. we arrange to meet and head around to the clinic together.

15.43 .. I meet Katherine as arranged ..

17.55 .. Extra supplies in hand .. I head back to the hotel to drop off my camera .. Katherine is arranging a taxi for us.

18.03.. back in my room .. I fire off a quick email to work ..

18.12 .. Our taxi arrives, well actually it’s a mini limousine type hire, this is a chap used by the clinic a lot, his name is “knight”, and he’s a Thai Transman. He’s very polite and knows a little English ..

18.35 .. Knight drops us at Central Plaza, a short drive in distance through horrendous traffic from the hotel ..

19.20 .. ish .. We are in “sizzlers”

20.34 .. Knight collects us and returns us to the hotel ..

20.48 .. I’m back in my room .. with a little headache ..

The following block is copied from my Facebook page, a posting I made about 16.15 today, some of the comments arrived somewhat later .. the important one is Aey’s .. after making it she unfriended me, I suspect under the in fluence of  ex trusted friend Nanda :

Facebook status for Sarah Helene:

 .. is sitting in the Clinic waiting to be seen by Dr Suporn for hopefully the last time .. summoned here for 16.00 ( some were at 15.30 ) .. doctors ETA is now 17.00 .. "Thai time" is something you learn to live with .. <<sighs>>. So maybe we'll be seen by 18.00 .. << BIG SIGH >>. ;-)
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Aey Ruechuporn · Friends with Pomp Pwitra and 3 others
I have to apologise to make you wait for long time.I think we try our best but in some situation it's uncontrolled. Even our staff we have to finish work late too.(normally finish at 6pm but today7.30 pm)I'm sorry about Thai time.But what else we can do when we would like to give much time and care for everyone.This answer is from my private opinion not involve with another staff or clinic.
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Melanie Harrison · Sorry we only have the regular programme diet to offer to you today to help pass the time!
14 hours ago · Unlike ·  1

Sarah Helene: · Aey .. don't take that wrongly please .. we are all, as patients, aware of what Dr Suporn is doing and that occasionally there are delays, it can't be helped. I was making what we English call "light of it" .. ;-))

His work load is immense, as it is for the staff like you and poor Bow who'd done the overnight stay with new SRS patient last night and then had to come into the office for the day, she looked wrecked ( but still pretty & efficient ) .. remember you did that for me 16/01/2008 !!

In fact I was seen at 17.15 ( I think ) and Dr Suporn did spend rather a long time with me, delaying staff and other patients more, I apologise for that, but an issue did need to be clarified for my return to England, leaving Monday, which will be after a diversion to Brunei, which my company has confirmed through to next Friday.
13 hours ago · Like

Sarah Helene ·.. << SNIP in respect of a face to face with Aey Saturday >>

Martha Tee Gee · Oh oh dear, you Moaning Minnie *grin* to Aey: engineers (and Sarah Helene is one) complain as personal therapy, and actually she really does appreciate very much the personal care she gets at Dr Suporn's clinic. Sarah I recall the worst practitioner for overrunning appointments was reputedly Russell Reid, and that was because he cares so much. Kind of goes with the territory unfortunately.
12 hours ago · Unlike ·  1

Sarah Helene · Thanks for the comment Martha .. you probably know me as well or better than most of my friends here cause of the hours we've chatted and the meetings in the flesh we have had .. and yes I do remember the waits for Russell Reid too, whom I'm most honoured to have as a friend here too, and without his help and hours chatting in his office may never have got to be a patient of Dr Suporn.
12 hours ago · Like ·  1

Russell Reid Thanks for your nice comments about me - yes I did find it difficult to keep to the appointment times and often ran late - mostly because patients had such interesting stories to tell. I was enthralled and lost all sense of time, much to the annoyance of the next person to be seen. What I needed was an alarm clock with a cattle prod. Russell Reid
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Helen Belcher · 12 mutual friends
That's why I used to try to get the 1 o'clock appointments :o)
11 hours ago · Unlike ·  1

Melanie Harrison · Now now, Martha; generalising about engineers. We work night and day to keep the world running, rarely for large salaries but because we go through life smiling at others and wanting people to love one another and be full of contentment and joy! Complain? Oh so rarely!
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Sarah Helene Hi Melainie, we don't moan much about others or the company as mere engineers to the world .. we leave that to one of our bosses .. how was he today, Friday's is usually his best !!!
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23.59 .. A long chat with Dawn in the UK on Skype .. 

00.45 .. I say goodnight to Dawn and call Karen at home on Skype .. who popped up on line a few minutes ago.

00.59 .. I say goodnight to Karen, I was so looking forward to getting home Tuesday morning .. another 4 days to go ..

01.25 .. I climb into bed and assume the legs up position ..

More to come ...

Day 2544. Saturday 26th November  2011.

Memory Joggers ...

08.00 .. The alarm ..

08.35 .. I’m in the shower, hair wash day ..

09.35 .. ish .. We wave Vicky and the young German girl and her mum off for their return home ..

10.45 .. Back in my room, 2 more water tablets .. I lay on my bed, legs up on the head board and do some diary ..

11.30 .. Rush to the loo ..

12.05 .. There’s a knock on my door .. thinking it’s the maid .. I do a quick tidy up .. I open the door and it’s Aey from the clinic .. doing her rounds for the Dr Suporn Clinic as they do at the weekends here at the hotel. The usual 5 minute look at wounds and do blood pressure this was not.

She was here at least 30 minutes and there was more than a little heart to heart in each direction. I understand her feelings about her "second home", hopefully she understands my love and respect for all of the clinic staff, especially Dr Suporn and "the girls", and knows I'll always act as an ambassador for the clinic in good faith.

Aey, while her "English" is good, she doesn't really understand the way we sometimes use English words and signs to be "humorous". So she's going to "friend" me again here she says. In future if she see's a comment she doesn't really understand, or feels is a slight against the clinic, she'll ask privately and hopefully we can both learn a little each way .. all misunderstandings for now are cleared .. << phew >>.

12.35 .. Aey goes on her way .. and I need the loo.

Back to filling in some holes in my diary while I can remember.

13.10 .. The Furosemide is doing it’s job ..

14.10 .. Think I might be getting de hydrated .. cause all of a sudden the “taps” stopped running .. and I down nearly all of my remaining water .. I need to go buy some more. I put my bikini cover up on over my camisole .. wrap my purple scarf / shawl around my shoulders and go. 

14.20 .. I hit the street .. gosh it’s warm .. even warmer cause I’m carrying my laptop so Mam and the girls can see the pictures of them in my diary.

14.25 .. A man walks into the massage shop as I get there .. they are full .. so head off round to the old Forum “mall” to get my essential supplies .. 2 bottles of water and a pack of 30 sachets of “Thai tea”  mix to take home.

14.45 .. I’m back in Mam’s massage place .. I sit a wait my turn and show Mam the images on my site .. she beams. She asks why no Ning .. because I haven’t got a picture. Out with the camera .. she gives me a warm smile .. snap .. soon sorted.

15.05 .. Man finishes the chap she’s working on, and seems to be asking the others if it’s OK to do me, as all her staff are busy. I’ve got a feeling, the way this works is that Mam is the tenant of the shop, provides the facilities, and the girls are effectively freelance and get a portion of what is earnt from the customers.

I’m given a top and bottom to put on and go to get changed .. who should be sitting having a foot massage from Som .. Cin, one of the clinic girls from my first trip, who left before my second trip !! We exchange hello’s .. she remembered my name too, but then we are friends on Facebook.


Another of Mam's girls doing the business on another customer .. she did me a full body massage a few days ago ..

15.10 .. I’m on the mattress .. bliss ..

16.10 .. Sorted .. I go and get changed back into my things as Cin disappears out of the back door.

16.25 .. I’m back in the hotel, a quick hello to the two American girls and back to my room.

21.40 .. I’m back in my room, Aey has resumed the friendship << smiles >>.

More to come ...

Day 2545. Sunday 27th November 2011.

Memory Joggers ...

08.00 .. The alarm ..

10.25 .. Head back to my room .. I guess the clinic have given up on me ..

In the Foram ..

16.25 .. I approach the massage place .. it’s full, Mam opens the door and asks what I want .. “40 minutes” .. so I head off to shop ..

17.15 .. My full body massage starts .. done by 

75 metres down the road I realise I haven’t got my purse .. head back to swap purses ..

Martina, Katherine, Joanne and I head off again .. 

21.05 .. We enter the Thai restaurant ..

22.10 .. Cack in my room ..

More to come ...                                   

Day 2546. Monday 28th November 2011.

Memory Joggers ...

06.00 .. The alarm .. not 3 hours sleep .. I snooze it twice ..

13.30 .. ish .. I’m driven away from the hotel ..

21.15 .. In my hotel room .. 316, in Crown Plaza, Singapore ..

22.30 .. Nothing available to eat, except very expensive room service in the hotel, so venture back int the airport terminal .. ditto .. except after a very long walk I discover an open restaurant .. a Macdonald’s ..

01.10 .. I’m in bed .. the noise from aircraft wakes me frequently during the night ..

More to come ...

Day 2547. Tuesday 29th November 2011.

Memory Joggers ...

06.10 .. The alarm .. I’m shattered ..

12.02 .. Lift off .. heading for Brunei ..

14.05 .. On the ground, as the aircraft parks up the heavens open ..

16.15 .. In the office .. I’m soon at work ..

01.25 .. I’m in bed .. the noise from the lift is horrendous ..

I barely sleep ..

05.10 .. I wake to the sound of running water .. and a pump .. I’m going to have to move room.

More to come ...

Day 2548. Wednesday 30th November 2011.

Memory Joggers ...

06.10 .. The alarm ..

09.00 .. I’ve missed breakfast apparently ..

09.50 .. In the office ..

17.35 .. Heading for the boat club with Steve & Dorothy ..

20.45 .. Back in the office ..

00.20 .. ish .. finally leave the office .. and leave my doughnut behind a locked door .. DOH.

00.35 .. Back in my hotel room .. except I’m now in room 402, two 4' single beds .. I’ll have to put up with that ..

More to come ...

More to come ...

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