Sarah's Chonburi Pictures 22nd January 2008.

Day 6 post op .. I've gone through the blues and come out the other side .. I'm bored to death though .. so what can I do ..  I go walkie's and visit some of the others ..  even if I have to carry my  urine bag every where .. DOH.  The other thing is the nurses and the physio's are all Angels here, yes even the male physio's, sadly I've not got half of them here.

Now for something completely different .. Click on a thumbnail to hear that person say there name .. well it should work, it won't reveal a bigger more detailed picture.





This Physio brought along a friend who was very camera shy .. apparently he was moon lighting from a hospital in Bangkok ... LOL.

The man and the machine, this chap did my back three times out of 4.



She loved Loppy really .. she wouldn't have pulled the ear off.

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