Sarah's Chonburi Pictures 16th January 2008.

This was my operation day.

The day of my operation .. all I did was to take some room pictures to try and take my mind off things while I waited to be collected .. once showered and "gowned" the wait was the worse part. Feelings very much mixed, heart pounding and feeling quite sick. The gown was only hip length and  offered me no dignity .. I discovered later that the blue tubular sheets we sat on could be opened and used as a sarong twisting the excess material at the waist and tucking it into the new "waist band".


Room view from my bathroom doorway .. the room is pretty big.


The bed was fully  adjustable, but I made the wrong choice in retrospect when I chose the soft mattress rather than the firm ( hard ) one.


View back in from my balcony door .. beyond the bed is my bathroom and the door to the corridor .. what you can't see is the massive fridge opposite the bathroom door .. full of drinking water .. I added 4 bottles of Evian myself, Thai bottled drinking water does taste very odd.


I only just squeezed this picture in before they took me away .. I had to walk out into the corridor before getting onto the trolley .. Loppy was firmly removed from my hands as I stood up and my hair that I'd carefully wound really tight with a scrunchy was taken apart and left loose under me on the trolley before being wheeled away. The ride down in the lift seemed to take ages .. being taken awake into the operating theatre where I had to move my self from trolley to table seriously had me panicking. MorNing didn't let me suffer for too long thankfully.

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