Sarah's Chonburi Pictures 17th January 2008 .. one day post-op.

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OK .. I'm now totally a girl .. I think .. though I'm not sure if that packaging between my legs is just a cricket box they've taped on and something is still lurking in there .. <<  grimace .. LOL >> .. there is no pain and little sensation in that area.


I've not been awake long, the pose isn't very lady like but such is life .. this is the required position for a few days .. and I can use the laptop OK in the gap down there. Aey had spent the night leaping out off the couch every time I moved and disturbed her. I didn't sleep much during last night surprisingly .. I was just sort of laying there looking around and at Aey who seemed to be able to switch on and off easily.


This is Aey the day after the night before .. LOL .. she's a really pretty girl with so so English, substantially better than my few words of Thai. Before she left me this morning I gave her an Evelyn & Crabtree mini Lavender bath set for her to go home and relax in .. but I think she was expected just to work the day as usual.


Just before Aey left a nurse bought these flowers in .. Karen sent them to me .. they are really lovely and Aey took the picture. The Thais don't seem to put flowers in water to make them last .. these just came in a bag of wet tissue so they only lasted about 3 days.

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