Sarah's Chonburi Pictures 18th January 2008.

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OK .. it's now two days post-op .. I'm feeling a bit perkier in my self and I'm inquisitive about what's going on with me.


Morning world .. do In look rough or what ..  though at this point I was feeling nice and clean after a lovely massaging bed bath.


I've  got three tubes, one running saline and morphine in, the other two taking things out .. my catheter is lovely and clear, Dr Suporn said it was a good colour "keep drinking plenty of water that is good". The other murky one is a a drain that disappears in some where between my legs.


Aey came to see me again this morning after Dr \Suporn had been in .. she bought me this chocolate heart "Recover well" is the message on the front, Aey's message was "girls like chocolate .. good for you feeling"


OK here's a medical picture, you can't see anything other than a couple of tubes. Dr Suporn took off part of the dressing this morning revealing a lovely blister under the tape .. I'll leave Thailand with a scar there, I hope it fades. One thing that struck me .. I hope this isn't a piss take, well the catheter is, or isn't depending on your sense of humour .. but what if that's just a cricket box taped there .. LOL.


When food arrives it comes with a hand written tag in a holder with my name and a load of Thai saying what there is there .. I assume.


I wish the nurses would open the curtains properly, I'm sure the sun isn't that powerful out there and I hate the tube lights in my room with a vengeance.


A nurse suddenly bought me in a little pot with a flower arrangement in it .. "From Dr Suporn" she tells me and puts them down 12 feet from where I am laying .. no chance of a closer look and a smell then .. appears not .. well not immediately anyway.

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