Sarah's Chonburi Pictures, day 1, 19th March 2009.

This really started last night the 18th March ..

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imgp1_10.jpg ( 5208 )

My flight is called .. BR068 to gate 23 at LHR T3.

imgp2_10.jpg (5209 )

Well this is the start of journey to Dr Suporn number 2 .. here is the plane that carried me there.

imgp3_10.jpg ( 5211 )

The view from my seat as "push back" starts .. no getting off and running away now .. not that I want to but I'm so worried about the future.

imgp4_10.jpg (5217 )

We've been in the air for about 35 minutes when we are allowed to switch on our electronic equipment .. down below it's dark, rendering photographs outside ineffective sadly.

imgp5_10.jpg ( 5222 )

11.30 .. ish .. we are over Romania heading for the Black sea ...

imgp6_10.jpg ( 5224 )

00.16 .. We've just flown over Bucharest and now start across the Black Sea.

imgp7_10.jpg ( 5225 )

01.20 .. We've entered Georgian airspace as we head for Azerbaijan and the Caspian Sea .. I cracked the window blind open and it's dawn out there over this strange world .. we are just over a third of the way to Thailand.

imgp8_10.jpg ( 5226 )

02.15 .. Did I dose off .. we've almost crossed the Caspian sea heading for Turkmenistan.

imgp9_10.jpg ( 5227 )

03.47 .. We are over Afghanistan, it looks very inhospitable down there, snow capped mountains and all .. we are heading for Pakistan. I'm really tired at last, the adrenalin must be on the wane and decide to have a nap .. if I can.

imgp10_10.jpg ( 5229 )

  13.20 .. Thai time .. ( 06.20 GMT ) .. Well I slept quite well and feel a little refreshed, especially after breakfast was served 20 minutes ago .. just what this girl needed. During the time I slept we've flown over India and we've clipped Bangladesh as we cut across the Bay of Bengal.

imgp11_10.jpg ( 5532 )

We were told to open the blinds as breakfast was served .. it's very bright out there at the moment, but that's the cropped view from seat 23K.

imgp12_10.jpg ( 5535 )

13.55 .. We enter Burma airspace .. next border is that of my destiny or at least destination .. Thailand.

imgp13_10.jpg (5536 )

My first self portrait .. do I look ruff or what, Is it me or have my breasts grown in anticipation or fear of the surgery .. too late my A cup friends .. your going to be transformed in a few days with some little "silicone cushions" behind you !!.

imgp14_10.jpg (5242 )

14.39 .. We are descending down towards Bangkok .. not long to go now for sure .. I start to wonder who will be there to meet me on the ground from the clinic.

imgp15_10.jpg (5252 )

Well I arrived .. this was the board in the public waiting area near exit 9 .. it was a long walk down to exit 4 to find the clinic staff member waiting for me .. Jib .. who was jumping up and down as I approached .. LOL. I did ask her where my name board was, her reply was that she knew what I looked like from last year and had left it in the minibus.

More to come for sure ..

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