Sarah's Chonburi Pictures, Day 5, 23rd March 2009.

It's Monday morning, the day before Frankie & I's surgery .. today is Frankie's admission day ..

imgp1_10.jpg ( 5480 )

6.08am .. First picture of the day from my room .. it's a beautiful start to the day.

imgp2_10.jpg ( 5486 )

The view out of the window in room 706 isn't so good when you look down .. there's this sea of satellite dishes, some clearly derelict and not being used, others in use and pointing in all directions.

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12.45 .. It's time for me to see Frankie off for her admission to the hospital .. Cin is the girl who is taking her off from the hotel.

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The ever smiling Danny is Frankie's chauffeur in the big bus to the Aikchol Hospital .. She's got a an "interesting" few hours ahead of her, as I had last year on the day before my SRS, we'll see each other again in the hospital, maybe tomorrow though it might be in a few days when I'm allowed out of bed to see her.

imgp5_10.jpg ( 5519 )

A "giggle" of Dr Suporn's girls behind the reception desk in the clinic, left to right it's Kaew ( who is the receptionist really and only really speaks Thai ), the ever grinning Bow, Aey and the lovely Jib. It's a hard choice between Jib and Mrs Suporn ( Aoy ) as to who speaks the best English, Bow and Aey follow up .. all but Kaew can communicate adequately in English. Cin, Wi & Gift are missing from this group.

Well the rest of the afternoon went pretty quietly, except for getting pictures of a lot of staff and recording their voices for the clinic page off of my main diary index page. When I say quiet .. the clinic wasn't that quiet, I met some new girls and the staff where fun with there pictures. Most quietly composed themselves on the thrown, allowed me to get a couple of pics to choose between. Enter Jib .. she just kept changing her pose .. seductive looks, sultry looks, smiles, she just kept demanding, one more, one more .. LOL.

I could repeat the main clinic page off staff here but it's easier to just put a link here .. I suggest you right click on the link and open the page in a new browser tab or window .. otherwise you'll need to navigate back here again.

Click here to jump to the staff talking pictures !!

More to come for sure ..

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