Sarah's Transition Diary .. weeks 241 - 244


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Day 1681 - Week 241 - Thursday 16th July 2009.

Day 1681. Thursday 16th July 2009.

This diary is currently under review .. it will return .. just check back now and then .. should be by 01/09/10.


I take a few pictures from different angles .. oh yes and yesterday’s flying ant swarm we had to endure have all lost their wings .. the ground is covered with large ants. The new Jazz 1.4ex i-Shift meets our current Jazz 1.4 SE manual, soon they will be sharing drive space. The wheels aren't really white plastic .. those covers hide 16" alloys for the low profile tyres, and I've asked them to leave them in the boot, so when the car stands in the drive for weeks the discs can be protected.


This is a picture of the paint close up, cropped, actually about 1/2 " across .. the colour particles are really fine .. click on it for the zoom to really see the different colours .. a seriously complex paint .. that will be fun to match if it ever needs repairing !!!


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