Sarah's Chonburi Pictures 13th January 2008

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My first day in Thailand I didn't really venture out, to shy, timid and far to hot. So here's a few shots of my first hotel room ( 701 ) which was "mine" till the insecticide incident on the 26th January.


A girl can never have enough storage, though this is a deluxe room it would have been nice to have had a few more shelves in the wardrobe.


Well that little water spray is such a good idea. Everywhere I've been the loo's have them .. something I think I'll have to get installed at home.


Sorry about the shaky cam .. hand held at not a lot of speed .. LOL .. the bathroom was quite nice, the bath / shower is too the left, the door to the right and in that room 701 everything was on the correct "hand" if you know what I mean, it's a right handed room, the second room I had next door later on ( 702 ) is a left handed room .. DOH.


Big screen TV and a dvd player, there's a fridge under the TV in the cupboard. I emptied a lot of the hotel "mini bar" stuff out and put a few things of my own in there. I can borrow DVD's to play from the 7th floor coffee / lounge area .. if I had the time. The FFS patients tend to hide away and live on room service, so the DVD facility is probably useful to them.


That is a very big bed .. just a shame Karen isn't here to share it with me .. at home I sleep on the right of the bed, but here it's more convenient to do everything from the left, so when I roll towards the bed side table my right arm is free to grab what ever I might need.


On the back of the welcome card from the clinic is a very basic map, showing all the key things a stranger in town might need .. shopping and eating places, but why anybody would want to go to a MacDonald's here beets me !!!!!

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