Sarah's Chonburi Pictures 8th February 2008.

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Today I took the first of two rides to the Pattaya International Hospital to try and get myself sorted out, on the instructions of my travel insurance company. Following the clinic's staff probable interference with the treatment I was getting from a Thai GP post insecticide event two weeks ago today, I have to try and get something done. Information on the trip is in today's diary ...


Having been to the hospital in Pattaya I was being driven back through Pattaya when I started seeing familiar names, like this one .. "Carrefour" is a French supermarket chain that Karen and I often visit in France .. but that pesky lamp post got in the way and I didn't get time for another shot.


Now you know I like chocolate .. this evening I treated myself to a serious chocolate dessert .. well I've got to starve from 22.00 tonight, so a chocy treat was definitely in order.  With the persistent bitter taste in my mouth some of the taste was lost .. in fact it hardly tasted like chocolate at all .. but hey ho .. it was a visual treat if nothing else.

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